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If Only We Believe


If Only We Believe

For Alana

The Old Year has finally left us

We're here to face the new

So Many fears in Our days ahead

And there is nothing we can do.

We walked through trials and heartache

We talked through problems and pain

We found the answers In friendship

We saw sunshine follow the rain.

You Said One day in passing

"If  We Only Believe"

How powerful Your words are

How deeply they touched me.

In those words are the very answer

To every trial we face

Those words will always sustain us

In every decision we make.

Some times I know we will falter

Sometimes I know we shall cry

But Only If We continue to Believe

We will Keep Our Will to try.

Lets Raise those Words As Our Beacon

To Forever Light the Way

To Bring Light to The very Darkest of Times

Lets Use them as we Pray.

Yes we will Believe that Tomorrow

Will Be Brighter then today

We Shall Believe the miracles

We find along the way.

If Only We Believe tomorrow

We Are exactly where we are supposed to be.

If Only we Continue to Believe

God Shall Light the Way.

For Alana 

With Love

Pam Gallo






Alana's Son,

 Richard Leaves for Iraq Soon.

Each time you View this page,

Please Whisper a Prayer

To be flown High on the Wings of Angels

To Gods ear for His Safe return along with


Of Our Troops....

We Believe In Their Safe Return


Midi : I Believe




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