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The Laboratory:

A 355mm lens being fine ground before polishing.  HJOL can manufacture lenses up to 510mm in diameter. Generating a spherical lens
using a LOH 120 machine.
A 6-spindle spherical polishing machine with a variety of elements being worked on.  Up to a 10/5 surface quality can be achieved. A cylindrical lens block being fine ground.
A large block of cylindrical lenses being polished. HJOL can manufacture cylindrical optics from 3mm to almost a meter long. A spherical lens being edged on a CNC mill. HJOL can hold centering tolerances to better than 5um.
A small sample of our products.  The large dome in the background stands approximately 305mm high. A cylindrical lens being edged on a CNC milling machine.  Centration to 5um can be made in this manner.
Our coating machine being prepared for a run.  HJOL does a variety of coatings. In-process inspection using a Zygo PTI interferometer.
A large concave block of cylinders being polished. We can polish to a 10/5 surface quality and surface roughness better than 4 angstrom RMS. Measuring a long radius lens using
a Tri-optics spherometer.
Multiple spherical elements on the same tool being polished. A prism array.  We manufacture prisms of many shapes and sizes.
Inspecting the centration of a spherical lens using a LOH M1 machine. The centration can be inspected to within a few seconds of arc. Polishing prisms and windows on a 1,220mm diameter CP.  We can hold flatness to 1/20th of a wave or better and angles to 2 seconds.
High-speed polishing using a Schneider 120 polishing machine.  Higher polishing speeds cut out processing time, allowing for quicker deliveries. A spherical lens having the irregularity checked with a Zygo GPI interferometer.  Surfaces up to a 1/20th wave can be achieved.


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