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At Mystic Blue we choose not to use computers for design - all our designs begin as pencil sketches, so they look different from computer-generated images. Our original design reflects our penchant for the eras of great commercial art: Victorian, art nouveau, art deco, atomic age & psychedelia.

Some logos originate as designs for signs, then are redrawn to provide the flexibility needed for reproduction in a variety of advertising media.

Others are developed as logos without a specific idea of what kind of signs they will become. They are drawn camera ready, black ink on white board, and sometimes in color.

We also design original alphabets for use in our work. Lettering is such an expressive medium that such creations are irresistible, especially for event designs like music and art show posters, invitations, and CD covers.

All images are copyrighted and should not be reprinted without permission.

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