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Kamar-Taj is a place where sorcerers and sorceresses train. People often come here after being broken or damaged, physically and metaphorically. Kamar-Taj also houses spellbooks that have dangerous spells. Despite this, the warnings come after the spells rather than before, a common practice in the rest of the world. This can cause sorcerers to practice spells without knowing the risks and costs.

Following his car accident and the subsequent nerve damage suffered in his arms, Dr. Stephen Strange exhausted most of his wealth and sought out various medical procedures in an attempt to fix them, only to be told that it was impossible. After hearing from a counselor that a man named Jonathan Pangborn also received a similar injury and recovered completely from it, Strange sought out to find Pangborn and discover how he had done so. During their encounter, Pangborn revealed that he had gone to a place known as Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu where his mind learned to heal what his body could not. Although Strange was skeptical, he used the last of his funds to travel to Nepal in a last-ditch effort to be healed from his affliction.

The Sanctum Sactorums:
New York Sanctum
Hong Kong Sanctum
London Sanctum

Known Artifacts at Kamar-Taj:
The Eye of Agamotto
The Orb of Agamotto
The Eye of Cagliostro