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John Shearing freely gives these inventions to all people in response to the question:
"Can a man be homeless, earning only enough to live each day, and still be of value to his community?"
All inventions posted below were written while living without a home.

More inventions comming soon.
Current Project: Cloud of Witnesses Initiative
Cloud of Witnesses
See How Interfacing
The Cell Phone With
The Bluetooth Camera
Will Save Lives,
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Camera Phone Technology Prevents Malevolent Behavior.
With the developement of an ear mounted Bluetooth Camera and
a mobile phone app to post the video content to YouTube in real time
we can start a chain reaction changing conditions such that cooperation
and respect are the Nash equilibrium wherever mobile phones are used.

Spherical Electromagnet
To Examine
Spherical Electromagnet
Patent Application,
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Primarily intended for use as a plasma bottle but other uses include magnetic vise for holding quibits, ball bearing manufacture, ball bearing manipulation through non-magnetic mediums, speaker coil for generating spherical sound waves and so on.

Many magnetic bottles of previous design have the problem of flux leakage near the magnetic poles of the bottle. Attempts have been made to stop leakage by placing other magnets near the poles. Using that method, leakage persists where magnetic fields overlap. Tokamaks are torus shaped bottles that hold plasma well but have the problem of spreading it out over a large area which makes it difficult to heat and compress.

This invention proposes that the location of the poles is constantly changing. This is accomplished by varying the current running through the six interlocking coils of wire. So as the hot plasma moves near the poles to escape, that exit is closed before the plasma has a chance to reach it. The plasma now moves towards a new pole and so on around and around inside the bottle. This motion creates a secondary magnetic field within the plasma itself as it spins inside the bottle. And because the axis of spin is constantly changing, a magnetic vortex is formed pushing and pulling the plasma to the center of the bottle.

An interesting experiment would be to hook up a signal generator to 6 channels of digital delay and then into 6 channels of amplification. Then send the amplified signals through each of the six coils of the spherical magnet. The spherical magnet will have a balloon in the center filled with water and iron particles in suspension. By fooling with the signal and the delay, I expect to be able to make the iron particles move about inside the sphere like a school of fish. Since plasma also responds to magnetism, the implication is that plasma may be in controlled the same way.

Software That Writes Software
Application Generator
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This application generator allows developers to build business applications for MS SQL Server in just a fraction of the time it used to take. All you need to do is create the tables and answer a few yes or no questions about each table. The generator does the rest. The benefits of this system are as follows:
1. The system generates true Client Server and Multi Tier applications.
2. There is zero coding for common functionality, i.e. Adds, Updates, Deletes, Audit trail, Security, Rolling Down Data, Cascading Deletes, Posting to General ledger etc.
3. There is zero work of any kind for generation of data entry screens and their lookups.
4. The back end is completely independent from the front end. You can hit the database with any application or user interface and still be sure that you have complete security and valid data.
5. Easy navigation through out the application. The generated user interface is a familiar modern metaphor with a navigation tree on top or at the side and data entry screens at the bottom. Also, the generated user interface remembers customizations to each data entry screen. This allows you to make sweeping changes to the interface, and regenerate all data entry screens, without loosing your customizations.
6. Consistent look and feel via OOP Inheritance and code generators.
7. Major changes in look and functionality are made in one place only, and ripple down to all affected parts of the system without programmer intervention. Again, this was accomplished with OOP inheritance and also with code generators.
8. Users have the ability to create queries and reports on the fly. And the ability to save and reload those queries and reports in many formats including Excel and HTML.
9. Users have complete flexibility in customizing the look and feel of the system. The extent to which each user can customize the interface must be seen to be believed. This high level of customizability creates a high degree of user acceptance.
10. Logical use of hot keys and local popup menus allow for easy mouse free operation, permitting the user to keep his or her hands on the keyboard, if the user so desires.
11. All custom code added to generated data entry screens and generated backend code persists after regeneration.
12. Comes with a business rule generator
13. Comes with a data import utility
14. Comes with a data revalidation utility to use when you change your business rules.
Contact John Shearing for questions: johnshearing@gmail.com Source code to be placed in public domain shortly
Variable Volume Vacustat: A Buoyancy Driven Airship:
No ballast exchange or ground crew required during loading and unloading.
True vertical takeoff and landing capability with full control over altitude.
Low Fuel Consumption
Variable Volume Vacustat
To examine the patent application,
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Spherical Vacustat--If Built Large Enough, This Vacuum Vessel Can Be Made Lighter Than the Air It Displaces
Spherical Vacustat
To examine the patent application,
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Why Place Invention and Software in Public Domain?
1. Because patents only protect corporations with lots of dollars to spend on litigation.
2. Because corporations will purchase and suppress a patent if the idea competes with their profitable products.
3. Because human life is wasted by any type of waring including litigation.
4. Because you can't war over something that everyone has unlimited access to.
5. Because we should be exploiting information, not each other.
6. Because we can eradicate lawyers simply by sharing and cooperating with each other.
7. Because freely sharing ideas is good for all of us.

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