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See also: [L/D] [S/D] See also: [af/art3/pkda2001 - pizoig gaming projects] Key "Reality Structure 3" Features ab = absurdist Ab Fr Parital resolution of Quantum Indecidability ar = artist \ / Non-resolution of Chance vs Necessity fr = fractalist +----------------+ Pervassive/Permissive Self-Referential Ability fu = futurist /| /| Fuzzy Logic/Gophers hu = humanist / | / | Lossless/Lossy Theoretical Structures jz = jazzist / | / | Alterity Structures allowed thru Non-Causal Narrative sc = scientist Fu / | / | Fanatical Ultra-truth Sacrifice Possible (not recommended) sp = spiritualist \ / | / | (provided for U-p2/3 compatability) +----------------+--Hu | Auto-extensibility z = imagination | | "RS-3" | | Supports both rational/irrational dichotomy conflict [Quick Index] | Jz--+----------|-----+ (resolution not guaranteed in closed form) | / | / \ Self-volumising Content | / | / Sc Clean Ergonomic Design | / | / Clean Well-lit Restrooms | / | / Open Source Multi-user InterFace |/ |/ +----------------+ / \ Sp Ar "Reality Structure 3" (mark II) [Cross Product Space] (entry port ABxAB) [Semi-linear blog-o-sphere] (and duck crossing) This iconosphere owes much of its existence to Phillip Glass: Symphony #3 & #2 [Learn more about the Iconosphere]

Various Introductions [AFFH-JASS]

Purpose? Absurdist Fractalist Futurist Humanist Jazzist Artist Scientist Spiritualist


While i am aware of the philosopher ??name?? Hegel's attempt to completely systemitise all knowledge (being more familiar with his works "The Phenomenonolgy of Spirit" and "Reason in History", i have purposefully tried not to consult that work. The idea (and primary purpose) of the present work (ostensibly, the icon-o-sphere) is to create new ideas and generate new linkages in knowledge. Hence this work is essentially, one large mess of "brain-storming". I leave it for a future paper (or author) to begin inter-connecting and thus cross-generating indeas from the two universes.


The in-explicably un-explainable. The great silence. If this is all there is, then why isn't it purple?


Variability Chaos Theory Catastrophy Theory. All the flavours of randomness.


Futurism Science Fiction


Aesthetics Philosophy: Is this all there is?




Seeing what isn't but what is from what was that can be.


Measuring, repeating, predicting. Reductionism.


Seeking the more than the is.