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ma: Iconosphere referencE Manual (z edition)

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The iconosphere is a most remarkable invention, coming only in second to so-called "5-star-dimension" manufactured by Black Star. Regardless, via a series of worm holes, hyper-space by-passes, and over-hyphenated words, one can travel to almost any iconic area.

A Brief History

Accoding to various theological texts (as well as The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Gallaxy) the universe was created. However, the existence (or non-existance) of the iconosphere does not literally depend on such a fanciful postulate. It requires only the existence (or existance) of at least one (dimension not important) thinking entity. This entity, once called into existecne (or existance), need only consider the problem of nothingness to immediately be trapped into an endless series of in-escapable syolgisms. Most of these end up with the only partially answerable question: Why? To help aleviate the problem of all of these questions (many are answerable, some have many answers, and a disturbingly large number of them have no answer what-so-ever; even with the help of hypenation) one solution was the so-called "icon-o-sphere", or iconosphere as it is often known. The basic concept is to create a "cross product" of various terms and place them against various backgrounds. This is hoped will aid in the discussion and futher understading of all things. To see more about the cross-product: -[More about "Cross Products"]- -[Click here]- Note: no return to normal space from these links. Finally, it must be taken as "read" that, if one approahces ANY problem from different POV's (Points of view), one WILL get different answers. Some of these answers will be the same as some of the others, but just wearing a different hat. (Refer to our correspondent Rene Magritte in the Street ;) ... fade to another file, another time ... [Return "normal" space]