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SF List

THE LIST On this page: {Asimov: Foundation} Meepo: Gee, Gleeba, I don't understand why Asimov goes first. I mean, isn't this list supposed to be alphabetical? Gleeba: (mysteriously shifting her eyes, and slowly curling the LEFT side of her "King Lear" beard", and then slowly, deliberately Philip Glass's "Canyon" TIME INDEX 8:33 - But, ....he .... was the first... :44 ... 8:52 (chokes back teers) to ... (Jarring teeth) 9:02 go, from ... Aids. 9;25 NARATOR: infinities dancing, o'er our heads, and into a new era we must go: armed only with 9:46 (soto) dreams (and then SKERTZO and frenzy) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NO EXIT; INFINITY CAN ONLY BE REACHED BY THE MIND! [Hide Cartoon (i must be the greatest fool EVER known) [Back to SF-LIST page]