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SF Alterikty


There are several problems in terminology: Alternate time streams/histories: Change one thing in the past... Get a new present/future. "Man in The High Castle" "Ground Hog Day" "Sliding Doors" "Butterfly Effect" Alternate/Parallel Realities: Parallel Worlds. "All the Myriad Things" "Dimension of Miracles" False Realities/Hidden Truths: What we think is true isn't. "The Matrix" "Men In Black" "Momento" All other things are (sort of) sf, fantasy, or trad lit. Quantum Realities


"All the Myriad Things" by Larry Niven. In this short story, Niven (trained in maths) creates our reality in which (somehow) knowlege of the various alternate realities occur. Basically, the idea is that everytime we make a decision, reality splices off. The plot expands greatly on the outline of Borges' "The Garden of Infinitly Forking Paths" -- note that the two short stories share only the "plot model". "Butterfly Effect" ** need to watch *** "Dimension of Miracles" by Robert Sheckly. After winning the Galactic Sweepstakes Carmody, (he didn't even know that he was entered) is tranported to Galactic Centre. Unfortunately, after he collects his prize no one there knows WHICH "Earth" he's from. He (along with the prize) must flick from Earth to Earth to find his own one. One of the Earth's is where the dinosaurs didn't die out -- they evolved and have a civilisation. "Ground Hog Day". [Fim]. After dissing THE groundhog (who has the same name), "Phil Collins" (played by Bill Murray) is forced to live and re-live the same day (February 2nd; Ground Hog's Day) over and over. Even though he can change anything in that day, the next morning he wakes up in bed, and the day starts all over again. "Man in The High Castle" by Philip K. Dick. In an alternate present, the United States is occupied by the Germans in Japanese as a result of sucessful assasination of FDR and their consequent winning of World War II. At one point one the characters ??name?? "sees" our reality, but for all of characters in the book: There's IS the reality. In their reality our's is the plot outline of a book called "" -- the author divined our reality by consulting the taoist "I Ching". "The Matrix". [Film]. Residual self image. "Men in Black". [Film]. A New York city cop, "??name??" (played by Will Smith) finds out that the Earth is actually inhabited by extraterrestrials who live here to escape political (etc) problems. The problem of managing the ET problem (as well as Earth's place in the Galaxy) so that normal people don't have worry/adjust is a group of people called "The Men in Black". ??name?? is given the choice of "going back" (memory erasure) or "getting in the game" -- which he chooses, and thus becomes the anonymous Man in Black now refered to as "J". "Momento". [Film]. A man, "" (played by ??name??) suffers from a memory problem: He can't form new memories. Unfortunately, he is trying to track down the man who murdered his wife (possibly reason he suffered the brain disorder). To keep track of things he takes poloroid photos, writing notes on them, as well as having FACTS that he's sure of tatooed onto his chest. Every fifteen minutes or so, he "wakes" up to an ever-present "now" -- often finding himself somewhere and in some situtation that he has no idea as to how he got there, or what is going on. "Sliding Doors". [Film]. ** need to watch **