Figure 4B.19. The cathode of a pentode goes through an RF choke to ground. There is a capacitor, C3, from the grid to the cathode. There is another capacitor, C4, from the cathode to ground. There is a resistor, R1, from the grid to ground. One end of a capacitor, C2, goes to the grid. The other end of C2 goes to one end of L1, oscillator coil. The other end of L1 goes to a variable capacitor, C1, the other end of C1 is grounded. The screen grid goes through a capacitor, C5, to ground. The screen goes to a point labeled 105 volts regulated. The suppressor grid is grounded. The plate goes through another inductor, L2, to plus 150 volts. There is a resistor, R2, in parallel with L2, and a capacitor, C6, in parallel with L2 and R2. There is a capacitor, C7, from plus 150 volts to ground. The plate of the tube goes through a capacitor, not labeled, to the output. End of verbal description.
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