Figure 4B.16. In part eh there is a triode tube with its cathode grounded. The grid goes through a resistor R2 to ground. The plate goes through a resistor R3 to B plus. The plate goes through a capacitor, C3, to one end of the coil L1. one side of a variable capacitor, C1B goes to this end of the coil. The other end of the capacitor is grounded. The other end of the coil goes to one end of another variable capacitor, C1 eh. The other end is grounded. The end of the coil away from the plate goes through a resistor, R1, to ground. This end of the coil also goes through a capacitor to the grid.

In part B the triode also has its cathode grounded. There is a resistor, R1, from the grid to ground. There is another resistor, R2, from the plate to B plus. There is a capacitor, C3 from the plate to one side of the coil. The coil has a center tap which is grounded. The other end of the coil goes through a capacitor C2 to the grid. There is a variable capacitor, C1, in parallel with the coil, from one end to the other. End of verbal description.
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