Figure 4.26. There are two terminals on the left labeled G, upper and S, lower. On the right are two more terminals labeled D, upper and S, lower. The G terminal connects to nothing indicating it is a voltage sensitive point. There is a label between the G and S terminals reading V sub in. There is a current source labeled G sub m V sub gs. The arrow in the current source is pointing downward. The lower end of the current source is connected to the bottom line of the circuit. Both S terminals are also connected to the bottom line. The top of the current source is connected to the D terminal. There is a resistor labeled r sub d connected between the D and S terminals. The r in r sub d is a lower case r. Real resistors are labeled with an upper case R. There is a real resistor connected on the outside of the circuit between D and S. This resistor is labeled R sub L. End verbal description.
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