Figure 4.20. This is another long thin rectangle. There are two much smaller rectangles within it one in the lower left and the other in the lower right corner. Each of the smaller rectangles is one half the height of the larger one and about one fourth the width. The area inside the larger rectangle and outside of the two smaller ones is labeled P and substrate. The area inside of both smaller rectangles is labeled N and channel. On the bottom of the rectangle is a thick red line that is centered left to right and is the same length as the space between the two smaller rectangles. This red line touches the bottom of the rectangle and is outside it. It is labeled insulator. There is a black line below the red line that touches it. This line is labeled conductor. The source connection is to the smaller rectangle on the left. The gate connection goes to the conductor below the red line. The drain connection goes to the smaller rectangle on the right. End verbal description.
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