Figure 4.19. This is another long thin rectangle. A line divides the rectangle into top and bottom portions. The line starts at the left and is at half the height. At about one fourth along the way it turns downward having a short vertical portion. It continues horizontally to the right at about one fourth of the height. At about three fourths the way along it turns upwards again and continues horizontally at one half the height. The area above the line is labeled P and also substrate. The area below the line is labeled N and also channel. On the bottom of the rectangle is a thick red line that is centered left to right and is the same length as that part of the line that is at one fourth the height of the rectangle. This red line touches the bottom of the rectangle and is outside it. It is labeled insulator. There is a black line below the red line that touches it. This line is labeled conductor. The source connection is at the left end of the rectangle and connected to the bottom of it. The gate connection goes to the conductor below the red line. The drain connection goes to the right end of the rectangle and to the bottom. End verbal description.
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