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Celebrating Scitzo's Adoption Day and her story

As we celebrate Scitzo's adoption day Saturday, June 23rd, I realized that no one really knows the "Story of Scitzo."

Scitzo came into our lives in June 2006. When I arrived at the shelter, first thing I thought is - wow, this is NOT what I expected. Much bigger and more energetic than I was looking for. Plus, what about Oneida? How would she react to such a wild one?

When we got her home, those first few days were a shock. She would walk down the hall, back end wiggle-butt'n & tail wagging - front end snarling, growling and barking. If you so much as looked at her wrong she would squat and pee. We were like - what the he*l did we get ourselves into?

Her previous family had named her Princess but that certainly was not what we adopted. We changed her name to Scitzo - making the best of a very strange/scary situation. We hired a trainer (horrible woman promoting punishment-based training) and had a long talk with our vet. After about a year my attempts at training were going nowhere (I admit, I knew nothing) so we decided to try medication. We were less than 2 months into the meds when Oneida was dx with lymphoma & we could no longer afford Scitzo's meds. Scitzo was dx with lymphoma 3 months after Oneida. I was frantic. I was terrified that she wouldn't be accepted for treatment because of her behavior! Thankfully our onc was willing to give it a try and we made adjustments as needed (no waiting room time if it could be avoided, muzzle when needed, etc.) We had no idea how long we would have either dog so I just let them be, no training and not much discipline.

Quite a while after I lost Oneida I started studying behavior. I wanted to try again with Scitzo. I met with her vet and spoke to her onc and we all agreed with my plans to put her back on the meds. It's been a very very long road. I've been told repeatedly that if she had landed with another family most likely she would have been euthanized. Thankfully, with a LOT of work, Scitzo is doing GREAT! Although she is still a daddy's girl, we have a good relationship. She jumps into my lap when afraid so she knows I'm the one who is going to protect her. She's about 4 1/2 years into remission & except for a few minor illnesses and broken teeth, she's healthy and happy.

There's no telling what our future may bring, but my little Scittle-butt shows that there is always hope!

waiting to come in!

Scitzo's A-Day present!

givin' raspberries!

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Dx. with renal failure Sept. '05 and lymphoma Nov. '07
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