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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Sweet little baby of Cheryl and Stanley

Died August 6th 2104 aged around 12 yrs

Scitzo is gone. My little Scittle-butt who kicked lymphoma's ass for 6 1/2 years left us this morning.

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Dx. with lymphoma February '08
chemo 2/13/08 to 7/30/08
remission 2/20/08 to present

Update Sunday June 23rd 2013

Today we celebrate Scitzo's Adoption Day. Scitzo is around 11 and has lived exactly 1/2 of her life either fighting or SURVIVING lymphoma! Scitzo is in the pink bandana, Halona in the purple and the pretty little one on the right is Lulubelle.

Enjoy, Scitzo and congratulations!

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Update February 14th 2013

Today marks a very special day, the 5-year anniversary of Scitzo's remission from lymphoma! Some of you have travelled this road with me, fighting with your dogs alongside Oneida and Scitzo. All of you know what a long and heartbreaking road it has been, especially losing my Oneida.

In honor of all the cancer pups, here is my little Scittle-butt with her oncologist and technician.

Update June 23rd '12

Celebrating Scitzo's Adoption Day!

Update February 15th '12

Today we visited Scitzo's oncologist for her annual checkup which also happens to be her 4th remission anniversary! He said she looks great. She getting more cysts/nodules as she ages but we're mapping, measuring, just taking a wait and see approach. We haven't gotten the blood work results yet but I think (& hope) they'll be ok. To all those just starting the fight, Scitzo shows that there is always hope. To those who have lost their baby, my Oneida also fought her heart out and lost her fight after 16 months...I understand your pain all too well.

Here is a picture taken on Christmas day, Scitzo in her snuggie. She loves to be dressed & look pretty!

December 21st 2011


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Scitzo and Lulubelle

Update May 25th 2011

Cheryl's Girls model her Sunglasses

Lulubelle Scitzo

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Update April 13th '11 - Scitzo broke her upper molar (largest one) April 1st (not a very funny april fool's). We went to the vet and we were given options, from root canal, some pulp-saving proceedure, extraction or letting it be in order for the roots to die making it easier to pull (apparently these roots go very near the eye and are difficult to get all of them). My vet's preference normally is to let it be and let the roots die as long as the is no pain to the dog. We've discussed doing a dental before and we decided that with her history i.e. mental issues and being in remission, that we would wait and do quarterly antiboitics unless something happened and she needed to be under anesthesia. With Scitzo being in remission, the vet is concerned that if Scitz comes out and starts chemo again, and the tooth goes bad or causes pain, it is more of an issue to pull it if she's immune compromised. We decided to pull it and she's scheduled to get it pulled Thursday.

Paws crossed for a painless extraction!

Update April 14th '11 - Scitzo did very well. It's nice to have a vet who understands behavior issues and takes those extra steps. Dr. Martin had me bring her in at noon. Then she had us in a room for about 30 mins alone before she came in. She didn't touch her, just talked to get her used to her again. Then she left for about 30 mins, giving Scitzo time to get more comfortable. She returned and gave me the ecollar to put on her. She left us alone again giving her time to get used to the collar. Total time I spent with her was 2 hours before they took her. Her philosophy is less stress = less meds to sedate & that was her goal. They had me leave through the door into the back room so she'd be willing to go that way instead of thinking I had left the building. Her procedure went well. She's pretty confident she got all the roots. Did a cleaning too & apparently there were no issues. She did "fabulous" with the vet staff after the surgery too. Dr. Martin thinks it's all the prep work we did that made it so successful.

Right now, she's crashed at my feet, totally drugged but happy to be home. Even Lulubelle missed her and is more relaxed now that she's home. Life is good! Your positive thoughts helped me more than you know.

Feb. 15th 2011 - "I just wanted to post an update on Scitzo. Today we had our annual oncologist appointment. Scitzo has reached her 3rd year in remission and he said she looks GREAT! We're so happy to have reached this milestone with her."

Scitzo, her oncologist and his tech after our appointment.

Feb. 17th 2010 - "I wanted to share some good news about Scitzo's follow-up appointment today. This week marks the 2-year anniversary of her remission. She started a 6-month course of chemotherapy 2/13/08 and has "officially" been in remission since 2/20/08. The oncologist said "she looks great and it is very uncommon to have recurrence of lymphoma after a 1.5 year interval off of therapy." Don't get me wrong, we're not bragging or taking this to mean that she is "cured" since it's all too apparent to me how quickly it can be snatched away (in 2 weeks it will be the one year anniversary of our loss of Oneida). We also discussed her immune system and the potential for future diseases but for now, we are celebrating and enjoying our milestone."

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Scitzo and her Oncologist

Christmas 2009!

Scitzo and wild child, Lulabelle, prepare to have fun!

Scitzo and her toys!

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Scitzo still having fun, enjoying life to the full!

T-Linn Run 10

Playing mean! Curled up in a ball!

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Scitzo, December 2010

Oneida & Scitzo in their new shirts

In Loving Memory of

Cheryl and Stanley's
Angel Oneida
who died March 4th 2009
Dx. with renal failure Sept. '05 and lymphoma
Nov. '07
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