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Todd Matthews(Director)

Kimberly Bruklis


International Association for Identification (IAI)

-Since April 2005-

Our Administrators

Todd Matthews

Project EDAN was first sparked in my mind in 1987. An artist myself (not forensically trained), it was product of my own ignorance of forensic art, and my desire to learn a better way.

My own (initial) dislike for the sketch of the
Tent Girl, etched into stone on her grave, caused great controversy in my mind. I thought it looked too cartoonish, an "extreme caricature". But it wasn't at all.

But like many people in the world, I didn't "see" the image as it was intended. I do now, and hope to help others achieve this as well.

Being on the Administrative Team of the Doe Network finally gave me opportunity to act of the dream of giving faces to faceless. Often the cost of this type of art prevented local agencies from creating these vital images. This is unfair to the victim.

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Age Progression

Gayle Marks
Missing Since 10/18/88


Unidentified Female found on 7/14/03

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