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International Association for Identification (IAI)

-Since April 2005-

Kay A. Diblik

Kay A. Diblik is a retired educator who taught regular and special-education students for 14 years in state and county juvenile correctional facilities. She also taught for several years in Chicago's inner city. She success-fully raised three sons while earning her Bachelor of Art with honor and Master of Science degrees.

Having spent many years as a free-lance portrait artist and illustrator as well as art educator, Kay found that her fascination with individual facial features and her continued desire to help society led her to undertake specialized training in forensic art. She studied facial reconstruction of the skull in both two and three dimensions under certified and world-renowned forensic artists(160 total hours). One of her instructors wrote the basic textbook of forensic art, and the other was one of the original developers of the American method using tissue-depth markers. She also studied comprehensive composite drawing using the FBI Identification Catalog, worked from morgue and crime scene photographs, and learned how to utilize the aging process on facial images.

In addition, she also completed a thorough internship of 58 hours under the close supervision of a Certified Forensic Artist, Level II, which included report writing, laboratory standards and procedures for documentation, court testimony, an in-the-field assignment, the reading of selected published research studies, and study of the FBI Facial Imaging Course. She also attended several forensic art-related workshops at the 2005 conference of the International Association for Identification.

Kay is an Associate Member of the International Association for Identification as well as the Illinois Division of the IAI, Criminalistics Section.

She can be reached at:

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