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Todd Matthews(Director)

Kimberly Bruklis

International Association for Identification (IAI)

-Since April 2005-

Amy Stump

I am just a local native of St. Augustine, Florida who happens to be
way too creative for my own good. I have a huge amount of interests and enjoy using my art to help others.

Artist - After doodling on walls, decorating homework and driving my parents / teachers up the walls with my desire to create, it was only natural that my career was heading towards art.

Painting - Was taught this medium through many artists and have a whimsical technique in which I apply towards canvas, murals, and statues.

Graphite Pencil - Discovering this medium at nineteen, I loved it and couldn't put it down ever since. The Black and White is classic, and my photorealism technique can easily document the details I want for this medium.

Color Pencil - I self taught myself in this medium and enjoy discovering ways to make this medium known to other artists and showing others this amazing medium and I love the colors and intensity way too much.

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Gayle Marks
Missing Since 10/18/88


Unidentified Female found on 7/14/03

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