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Todd Matthews(Director)

Kimberly Bruklis

International Association for Identification (IAI)

-Since April 2005-

Ann C Moreland

Ann's background is in education with several degrees earned in Elementary Eduction, Special Education and Art. In the past 33 years, she has taught full-time, teaching the Mentally Impaired, Emotionally Impaired and Gifted; taught on a part-time basis in other regular and special Education areas; home-schooled her children and was an nationwide special education consultant to homeschooling families with Special Needs children. Since 1970, Ann has consistently maintained an art studio, working in oils and pen and ink.

With a desire for life-long learning, she operated a stained glass business for 8 years, maintained a Real Property Appraiser business for 6 years, and spent two years earning a degree in studio arts with an emphasis on ceramics and sculpture. She opened and operated a retail game store for 5 years, then closed it to concentrate on forensic art, a life-long interest. She has since received training in Composite Art and facial reconstruction. Ann has recently completed several Criminal Profiling courses and looks forward to taking more courses in this area.

She can be reached at:

Examples of her work can be seen at Doe Network

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    Age Progression

    Gayle Marks
    Missing Since 10/18/88


    Unidentified Female found on 7/14/03

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