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Batman Begins

As a witness to the murder of his parents, a young Bruce Wayne dedicates his life to avenging their deaths. But when an early bid for revenge is foiled, he flees to the East for counsel from the mystifying Ra's Al-Ghul. Fit for a return to the decaying Gotham City, Wayne heads underground with Lucius Fox, an old family ally who helps him embrace his new persona: Batman. With a detective's intuition and a millionaire's resources, the master crime-fighter squares off against two of Gotham's biggest threats, unaware that a sinister, knowing enemy plots against him.


Supporting Cast:
Alfred Pennyworth
Commissioner Jim Gordon
Rachel Dawes
Lucious Fox

The Tumbler

Ra's al Ghul
The Scarecrow
Carmine Falcone
Victor Zsasz
The Joker