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~~~~ WELCOME ~~~~

* God Is Love *

" Through it all, Jesus was there! "


Nobody ever loved me like You Jesus,
nobody showed me peace,
and comfort in pain like you;
hid me from the storms of life
wiped my tears,
showed me how to live.!.

When dangers lurked around me,
you lifted me up always..
"always" ...
-you loved me!!

I felt it! so REAL.!

-As a little girl
when I would hide from
those who mocked me
or didn't want to hang around..
Always-I felt your presence
and knew I was being held!

How those moments
in church as a small girl,
filled me with such sheer peace;
each time I visited my grandma;
it was a soft quiet presence in her home..
she loved you too so much God!

This we all knew
and despite all her rules
we could enjoy the love she showed
in you Father.....

Memories flood me of your love
and how very real it is!
I can hope one day to prove mine back
for all you did to keep me safe
and surrounded- Lord Jesus.
I want to tell the world,
shout if I can;
shout to the heavens
of your love Father!

Make the enemy tremble in fear..
just to watch him do so
when your servants shout in authority
makes me cry within and out...
at the sheer power you hold


Each time a saint cries out...
I tremble in awe
of all you do for us
and the knowledge you give when
my being floods with

-YOUR presence.

How the world "cannot" see this,
and "know" you love them anyway..
nothing can separate your love from us!

You let me grow at a steady,
loving & gentle pace..
removing from me fears,
at times all
who would make me feel unloved..
Today I rise from ashes!
-leave the scars
reach for the stars!
-walk steady as the wheel chair
of my spiritual handicaps
fades behind me...

For years so strong I was, in YOU..
then there was a man who ripped it out..
he was "only" the last drop...
to make this vase overflow & shatter!

Others before him took away my shine-
my child within ripped out,
throughout my younger years
they tore away my innocence,
cut out anything solid,
leaving nothing in me.....
-so empty of inner joys
and left out in the cold & dark!

Yet within stayed
-a stir
-a reassurance
-a presence
were there with me!

Lovingly you guided me through
the world's path,
climbing high,
but slowly one small step at a time...
Using any source of love
from them to pour small drops
of nature's healing balm
on my injured spirit and mind!....

You allowed me
to live in freedom
among the sinners;
as classed by others;
but you see
they somehow must love you
or have loved you
-sought you in moments
or else you would not
have given them to me,
entrusted such persons
to heal me of my wounds!

You used all to show favor to me
-your child,
a servant always I was,
too weak to stand..
-unable to give
any more of myself to you
-at that time.

-You gave!
-You loved!
-You cared!

Never once was I judged by you
just kept safe amidst
hell which seem to
surround me on earth..!
Those who did not serve you
but had your mark on them;
were there to refuge me.

While I rested &
while new roots formed
from within!
New leaves blossomed...
sprouting upward
-a stronger 'tree'..
a Renewed ME.!

The so called "christians"
were not around me then,
those who could point
watch me through their blinded eyes!
You chose the world,
-classed by christians,
I rested around them.
Even they became my protectors

-nourishing me,
-building me back up..
-gently allowing "your" love
-to shine in them;
showing how all humanity
-I was made by you,
-in your image!
Their qualities were of you
enough to help me back up
-to walk again!

The creator and the love which I felt..
was still with me
through those long years,
& through the darkness
You lifted me gently,
healed me in the quiet times.
maybe some saw me as backslidden
in their "eyes"!
-but it was "your" way
to prove one thing to me


And every part of me mattered enough
for You Jesus to die even if for me only..

You never once left me
when I asked you to save me.

You chose the foolish things of the world
to confound the wise!
-one of them being me..
I had to now learn to "trust"
with all I was,
nobody else was there before me
to help me back up
to find "life"

You are LOVE

How I cannot fanthom a world
without you!

my Jesus,
my everything!!!
For proving
You save
You keep
YOU satisfy!!!

written by Marilyn
Feb 12th, 2006

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In Jesus we move, have life, breath- He is my Being & Master because I Chose it!

God Bless You!
Hope you enjoy my pages...
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