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BullFrog Ministries






College Student







BullFrog Ministries was born from a burden to share on a larger scale those Biblical principles and studies that tend to be ignored, dismissed and shied away from in our churches and home Bible studies.  It's the culmination of the years of experience and education to reveal God's message in ways that speak to any one at any age from those who have a burden to bring "New Life" to the Lost.

Through teaching, worship, puppets, concerts, or sermons, the desire of those connected with Bullfrog Ministries is to see lives changed into the image of our Lord Jesus.  

It's all about Jesus transforming a Bullfrog.

BullFrog Ministries is all about rebirth:

From the lost to the found...

From "baby" believers to mature...

From a life of compromise to righteous living...

From a milque toast lifestyle to a life of holiness...

Becoming Like Jesus!


Ministry & Background

The desire of this ministry is to: 

Teach the Word to educate and sustain believers

Reach the lost and bring them to a position of servanthood to God

Develop strength & character for perseverance in one's journey with Jesus