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Scenes the Week of: April 28 - May 2

Here are a list of my favorite Guiding Light Scenes this past week.
Each week I will be putting my favorites up, if you have a favorite scene or quote please e-mail
them to me by Saturday of that week and I will put them up.

Monday,April 28:
>>Maria helping Shayne with his baseball stance. (I just think them 2 are cute together)
>>Harley telling off Alan. (I love Harley sticking up for Gus!)

Tuesday,April 29:
>>Gus pleading for his mother's help. (I hope they have her stay, maybe her and Alan could rekindle their romance.)

Friday,May 2:
>>Edmund not ratting out Alex to Reva, even though doing so would help him get his way. >>Bradley Cole walking in the Beacon at the end of the episode(sometimes I wish I didn't know what was happening cause that would of been a cool surprise for the viewers who didn't know he was coming back.)