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Guiding Light / Soaps Links

The following are links to other Guiding Light sites, and sites about all soaps. If you would like me to add your Guiding Light/Soap website address to this page, you can e-mail me your address, and I will try to put it up as soon as possible.

Guiding Light Sites

CBS Guiding Light Page
Addi's Guiding Light Page
G.L. Fan Club
Guiding Light
Guiding Light City

G.L Character / Actor Websites

Kim Zimmer Fan Club
Bradley Cole Offical Fan Club Site
Beauty & the Beast Manny Website
Blissfully Bloss
Buzz and Jenna Fan Page
Rustle of the Sheets: Manny Page
Always Reva...Always Bud
G.L.'s Jordi Vilasuso (Tony)
Simply Beth

Soap Links

Soap City
Soap Central
TV Megasite Daytime
The Grainger Report (spoiler boards)
Soap News and Scoop