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Huari Yauya Inca Trail Peru
Huari Yauya Inca Trail Peru
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Huari Yauya Inca Trail Peru

Yauya Conchucos

Huari - Yauya Inca Trail
Ancash - Peru

A combination of the mid-jungle vegetation of the Conchucos Valley and the high Andean floor. Traversing this road that has great evidence of the trail, where once the Inca passed by. The starting point of the trail is Huari. Old tambos rests are seen on the way as Huaritambo, stairways of Ichicancha, the Pallaguachananga Pass an excellent lookout of the East side of the Cordillera Blanca that makes it worth your effort. Dropping down to Yauya, a town in a hillside. From Yauya, you can take a mini-bus or a bus, that goes through San Luis, Chacas, Punta Olimpica Pass, Ulta Valley, Carhuas and arriving to Huaraz.


TIME LINE: 06 or 07 Days.

DAY 1 Huaraz-Huari.
Leaving early Huaraz to the Conchuco's Valley by bus, passing the Querococha lake and up to the Cahuish tunnel to go through the Cordillera Blanca, passing by Chavin (optional: to visit the ruins add another day in the itinerary) and in the afternoon arriving to Huari. Hotel.
DAY 2 Huari-Puente Pacchacancha.
Starting the day heading down to the Huari river, to start going up the valley passing by Huaritambo where its located this Tambos (Inca storage houses), and continue to Pacchacancha. Camp.
DAY 3 Puente Pacchacancha-Pampas.
The day starts with a clim up to the Cerro Pasca, beautiful lookout of the valley and the Cordillera being able to see the Cayesh, The road starts going up to Ichicancha, Here you will start seeing a Inca stairway on good conditions. Arrival to Pampas. Camp.
DAY 4 Pampas-Pallaguachananga Pass-Punta Recuay.
The road start north through this Pampa. The trail continues arriving to the Pallaguachananga pass (4,300 mts.), where you will be rewarded with the view of the eastside, north part of the Cordillera Blanca (if the weather is good). At the sametime the incatrail becomes very visible passing Tambo, an Inca storage house and excellent rock road turning down towards the Yauya valley arriving to a small meadow, called Punta Recuay, nice view and excellent place to see the stars. Camp.
DAY 5 Punta Recuay-Yauya.
The road goes down to Tambo, arriving to Yauya (4 hrs.aprox), a small village, very peaceful. Has a market and several restaurants. Lodge.
DAY 6 Yauya-San Luis-Chacas-Punta Olimpica-Carhuas-Huaraz.
Wake up call at 2.30 am, (non private trips) because the microbus will leave at 3 am. to San Luis arriving at 6 am. The trip continues via bus, to Chacas, Punta Olimpica, Ulta valley, Carhuaz ending in Huaraz.
Also if you have time you can continue to Pomabamba were you can head to Jankapampa to join the Alpamayo Loop or the Santa Cruz Trek.
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