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July 22, 2000
Our last meeting was held at 0900 at the Courthouse Restaurant, on July 22, 2000. Attending were Robb- kk4r, his son Ben- kf4tmw, Todd- kb4dpf, Scott- kg4hvz, Bill- ae4rb and Neil- wa4chq. 

I'm sure our waitress thought we were nerds...we had little projects that some of us brought in for show and tell scattered all over the table.  But we had a great breakfast and a good time chatting.  Todd brought in a bag full a parts that he's been collecting for a 80m 1w transmitter.  He brought in  the schematic for it as well as some other designs that he found on the internet. 

Robb brought in his completed DSW-80.  That is a nice looking rig.  He hasn't had it very long and is really looking forward to using it during some of the QRP contests.  He also brought in some publications for the group to view.  Robb is an avid QRP'r and homebrewer.

Neil brought in a few goodies too.  One was a newly knocked together DC rcvr for 40m. Man was it ugly.  There aren't that many parts and it could make a nice club project.  He also brought in his Dixie Pixie, a modified Pixie2 that he built for 40m.  Neil is an avid QRP'r and homebrewer. 

Bill had a lot, and I mean HUGE, pack of card stock that he gave away to some of the group.  It will be great for printing up qsl's or for using in the shack for jotting down notes or design sketches.

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