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On this site you will find all data I have gathered on my ancestors. I also received alot of information and help from others which I greatly appreciate.

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De Vries Family from Friesland, Amsterdam and Culemborg
My familyname is De Vries, and as it says, my direct ancestors came from the Dutch province Friesland. Lieuwe Brugts de Vries moved to Amsterdam around 1795 were he assumed the name De Vries. His many descendants lived in Amsterdam and some moved to Culemborg. Of course their are many more, unrelated, De Vries families around the world. Click here to view a list of links to genealogy sites regarding other De Vries families.

My line to Hendrik from Schoterland
My direct ancestoral line to the past is described here. It will lead to a man called Hendrik, who lived in the village Oudeschoot,Schoterland around the year 1700.

Decendants of Hendrik
Other decendants of Hendrik took different familynames. I traced some of them. From his youngest son Ekke Hendriks, came the Bijlstra, Patroon and Van der Meer families who all lived in the South-West of Friesland. The families, Idsinga, De Vries and Walda descent from his oldest son Ids Hendriks. The name Idsinga is also written as Idzinga and Idzenga. Some of emigrated to America where they spelled their name as Edsinga. Read more about my family member emigrants to the USA.

My pedigree
A pedigree describes all your ancestors and not the descendants of one person in the past, like in a family tree.Many of my ancestors were farmers just outside the city Utrecht, another part originate from the Hoeksewaard and Dordrecht. Some even came from outside Holland, as Swiss or German soldiers.Names in the first generations of my pedigree are: De Vries, Pieren, Waijers, Groothuijzen, Van de Pavert, Jongerius, Backx, .... The oldest lines go back to about 1350. I added lots of new data on: 20-7-2000

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Contact me
Some parts on these pages are written in English other in Dutch, sorry for that.I am still working on some upgrades, And, of course, I add all new data I find. If you have comments on this site, or would like to have more information, don't hesitate to MAIL me. Of course, new information and addtitions are always welcome. I hope some of my data can be of help for other people. But none of the given information may be taken for commercial use! Want to know more about me, Peter de Vries, have a look at my personal Homepage

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