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Descendants of Clemmons Phillips

Generation No. 1
  1. Clemmons Phillips1 He married Drusilla P. Prewitt1 July 16, 1811 in Roane Co., TN,1 daughter of Charles Pruitt1 and Mary ?.1

    Children of Clemmons Phillips and Drusilla Prewitt are:

    1. Isaiah Phillips, born May 16, 1813 in Roane Co., TN.
    2. Clemmon Phillips,1 born 1830 in Roane Co., TN.1
Generation No. 2
  1. Isaiah Phillips1 was born May 16, 18131 in Roane Co., TN.1 He married Martha Solomon1 in Roane Co., TN.1

    Child of Isaiah Phillips and Martha Solomon is:

    1. Isaiah Phillips, born January 9, 1841 in Roane Co., TN; died February 7, 1907 in Harriman, Roane Co., TN.
Generation No. 3
  1. Isaiah Phillips2 was born January 18413 in Roane Co., TN,1 and died February 7, 1907 in Harriman, Roane Co., TN. He married (1) Sarah A. McGill4 Abt. 1875. He married (2) Clementine Carroll5 June 21, 1893 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA,5 daughter of Nathaniel Carroll5 and Saly Crisp.5

    Photo of Isaiah, Sarah and their children in abt. 1888.

    Children of Isaiah Phillips and Sarah A. McGill are:

    1. Andrew J. Phillips, born November 12, 1866 in Roane Co., TN; died March 9, 1954 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA.
    2. Nancy Caroline Phillips, born January 16, 1868 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN; died November 19, 1937 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA.
    3. John Phillips, born January 1870 in Kingston, TN; died Bef. 1880 in Tennessee.
    4. Martha Elizabeth Phillips, born December 23, 1870 in Tennessee; died Bef. January 16, 1953.
    5. James Isaiah Phillips,2 born January 14, 1873 in Roane Co., TN;2, 4 died Bef. December 14, 1943.5 He married Della Emily Hining4 October 5, 1894 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA,4 daughter of Media Hining4 and Ida Hannor.4
    6. Eliza Joannah Phillips, born February 10, 1875 in Morgan Co., TN; died December 13, 1943 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA.
    7. Lucinda Melvina Phillips, born February 19, 1877 in Knoxville, TN; died February 11, 1944 in Chehalis, WA.
    8. Robert Nuten Phillips, born April 30, 1878 in Webster, Roane Co., TN; died January 16, 1953 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA.
    9. Sarah Catherine Phillips,6 born March 11, 1881 in Tennessee;6 December 28, 1956 in Olympia, Thurston Co., Wa.37
    10. Jessie W. Phillips, born March 15, 1883 in Tennessee; died Bef. December 14, 1943.
    11. Cordelia Etta Phillips, born February 2, 1885 in Roane Co., TN; died Bet. January 16, 1953 - December 1956.
    12. Mary Etta Phillips,2 born December 24, 1886 in Tennessee;3 died Bet. January 16, 1953 - December 1956. 7 She married Ben Esler (or Effler).8
    13. Cora Alice Phillips, born October 19, 1888 in Winlock, Lewis Co., WA; died February 21, 1982 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA.
    14. Oral E. Phillips,9 born July 28, 1891 in Winlock, Lewis Co.,9 WA; died Bef. 1892.6
Generation No. 3
  1. Andrew J. Phillips2 was born November 12, 18662 in Roane Co., TN,10 and died March 9, 1954 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA.11 He married (1) Alpha Ferrier February 25, 189410 in Little Falls, Lewis Co., WA,10 daughter of James Ferrier10 and Lucy McKnight.10 He married (2) Martha Childs12 October 28, 190312 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA,12 daughter of Isaac Childs12 and Mary Dannels.12

    Child of Andrew Phillips and Alpha Ferrier is:

    1. Hazel C. Phillips, born Abt. 1896.

  1. Nancy Caroline Phillips31 was born January 16, 186931 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, and died November 19, 193736 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA.36 She married John Russell Somerville, III36 October 20, 1888 in Lewis Co., WA, son of John Somerville, Jr. and Mary O'Hare. Obituary for Mrs. Nancy Somerville

    Children of Nancy Phillips and John Somerville, III are:

    1. Mary Elizabeth Somerville, born October 15, 1889 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA; died November 19, 193736 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA.
    2. John Edward Somerville,30 born September 10, 1890 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;30 died December 20, 1961 in Palo Alto, CA. He married (1) Lillian Marie Jensen, daughter of Hans Jensen and Petra Petersen. He married (2) Betty ?. He married (3) Emily Pauline Baker30 June 14, 191730 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,30 daughter of Joseph Baker30 and Hotilla ?.30
    3. William Henry Somerville,28 born January 22, 1892 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;28 died April 1, 1968 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA. He married Queenie Gwendolyn Clarke28 June 26, 191528 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,28 daughter of J.W. Clarke28 and Ella Nora Driscoll.28 Obituary for William Somerville
    4. Ada Florence Somerville,43 born February 12, 1893 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA; died March 10, 1953 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA.44 She married (1) Lavern W. Becker43 January 31, 1911 in Chehalis, WA,43 son of Albert Becker43 and Minnie Blanchard.43 Ada & Lavern's Marriage Return She married (2) Charles F. Short.44 Obituary for Ada Short
    5. Stella Angeline Somerville, born May 25, 1894 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA; died January 29, 1938 in Ellensburg, Kittitas Co., WA. She married (1) John Andrew Jackson Proffitt45 June 3, 1911 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA,45 son of Henderson Proffitt45 and Mary Kesterson.45 She married (2) Horace L. Miller42 September 23, 1936 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA, son of W. Miller and Anna Livingood. Obituary for Stella Angeline Somerville Proffitt Miller Obituary for John Andrew Proffitt
    6. Elsie Emmaline Somerville,27 born August 5, 1895 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;27 died March 8, 1975 in Wenatchee, Chelan Co., WA. She married (1) James Peter Jensen27 March 15, 191527 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA,27 son of Hans M. Jensen27 and Petra Petersen. 27 She married (2) C. C. Fortman46 May 25, 1968 in La Grande, OR.
    7. Eva Mildred Somerville,29 born May 12, 1899 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;29 died May 11, 1973 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA.46 She married (1) Raymond Victor Wilbright Griner29 October 12, 191629 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,29 son of John F. Griner29 and Alice Honeywell.29 She married (2) Alder Edward Nelson46 Nov 27, 1923 in Montesano, WA. Obituary for Eva Mildred Nelson
    8. Allen LeRoy Somerville,32 born February 9, 1901 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;32 died December 14, 1977 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA.47He married (1) Ruth Spear. He married (2) Vera Marie Wilson32 June 2, 1936 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA32 daughter of Millan Wilson32 and Minnie Aust32. Obituary for Al L. Somerville
    9. Hazel Caroline Somerville, born June 20, 1903 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;35 died June 29, 1963 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA.35 She married (1) Ray Green. She married (2) John D. Farr35 1936 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA.35 Obituary for John D. Farr Obituary for Hazel Somerville Farr
  1. Martha Elizabeth Phillips2 was born December 23, 18702 in Oakdale, TN,13 and died Bef. January 16, 1953.7 She married Philander Elmer Blinn13 April 1, 189213 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,13 son of Roger Blinn13 and Sarah Martin.13

    Child of Martha Phillips and Philander Blinn is:

    1. Clara Elma Blinn, born December 20, 1892 in Winlock, Lewis Co., WA.
  1. Eliza Joannah Phillips2 was born February 10, 187514 in Morgan Co., TN,14 and died December 13, 194314 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA.14 She married Harry Alexander Hawkins6 December 24, 189116 in Home of I. Phillips, Ethel, Lewis Co., WA,16 son of James A. Hawkins16 and Amanda E. Wymore.16 Obituary for Josie Hawkins Obituary for Harry A. Hawkins

    Children of Eliza Phillips and Harry Hawkins are on the Hawkins family page.

  1. Lucinda Melvina Phillips2 was born February 19, 187717 in Roane Co., TN,18 and died February 11, 194419 in Chehalis, Lewis co., WA.19 She married William Garrett Hawkins18 March 5, 189318 in Home of I. Phillips, Ethel, Lewis Co., WA,18 son of James A. Hawkins18 and Amanda E. Wymore.18 Obituary for Lucinda M. Hawkins

    Children of Lucinda Phillips and William Hawkins are on the Hawkins family page.

  1. Robert Nuten Phillips2 was born April 30, 187820 in Webster, Roane Co., TN,21 and died January 16, 195311 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA.11 He married Alta S. Nail21 January 27, 190321 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA,21 daughter of James Nail21 and Rachel Westtover.21 Obituary for Robert Nuten Phillips, Obituary for Alta S. Baldwin

    Children of Robert Phillips and Alta Nail are:

    1. Thelma L. Phillips,20 born 1905 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA;22 died March 28, 199622 in Pierce Co., WA.22 She married Raleigh C. Elkins June 2, 1924 in Chehalis, WA.22 Obituary for Thelma L. Elkins Obituary for Raleigh C. Elkins
    2. Roy N. Phillips,20 born February 15, 1907;40 died December 1972 in Molalla, Clackamas, OR.40

  1. Sarah Catherine Phillips,6 born March 11, 1881 in Tennessee;6 December 28, 1956 in Olympia, Thurston Co., Wa.37 She married Henry Cooper November 13, 1898 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA,38 son of J. Cooper38 and Emma Mulky.38 Obituary for Sarah Catherine Cooper

    Children of Sarah Phillips and Henry Cooper are:

    1. Henry H. Cooper,3 born April 1900 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;3 died Bef. December 1956.39
    2. Norman Cooper,39 born November 13, 1901;40 died June 1977 in Silverton, Clackamas Co., OR.40
    3. Robert Cooper,39 born Abt. 1903; died Aft. December 1956.
    4. Earl Cooper,39 born Abt. 1905; died Aft. December 1956.
    5. Kenneth Cooper,39 born Abt. 1907; died Aft. December 1956.
    6. Lowell Cooper,39 born July 25, 1910;40 died December 1986 in Olympia, Thurston Co., Wa.40
    7. Helen Cooper,39 born Abt. 1912; died Aft. June 1989. She married Marvin Eugene Peters48 October 10, 1937,48 son of William Peters48 and Fannie Boone.48 Obituary for Marvin E. Peter

  1. Jessie W. Phillips2 was born March 15, 18833 in Tennessee,3 and died Bef. December 14, 1943.15 He married Josephine M. Goodsell23 1906.49

    Children of Jessie Phillips and Josephine Goodsell are:

    1. Clarence G. Phillips,23 born October 18, 1906 in Portland, Multnomah, OR;23 died February 21, 1923 in Chehalis, Lewis co., WA. Obituary for Clarence G. Phillips
    2. Cora Rebecca Phillips,23 born 1909 in Washington.23 She married Guy Bray33 March 22, 1926 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,33 son of William Bray33 and Josephine Raymond.33
    3. Leona M. Phillips,23 born 1912 in Washington.23
    4. Grace M. Phillips,23 born 1914 in Washington.23
    5. Hazel J. Phillips,23 born 1916 in Washington.23
    6. Marjorie A. Phillips,23 born December 1919 in Chehalis, Lewis co., WA.23
    7. Donald Phillips, born June 26, 1925 in Onalaska, Lewis Co., WA; died June 29, 1925 in Onalaska, Lewis Co., WA. Obituary for Donald Phillips

  1. Cordelia Etta Phillips3 was born February 2, 18853 in Roane Co., TN,3 and died Aft. January 16, 1953.20 She married William I. Spickelmire24 November 25, 190324 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,24 son of Bill Spickelmire24 and ? Shut.24

    Child of Cordelia Phillips and William Spickelmire is:

    1. Hartzel Spikelmire, born Abt. 1905.

  1. Cora Alice Phillips3 was born October 19, 188825 in Winlock, Lewis Co., WA,25 and died February 21, 198225 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA.25 She married Myles T. Clark26 May 3, 190826 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA,26 son of Clark26 and Ella Driscoll.26 Obituary for Cora Alice Clark, Obituary for Myles Clark

    Children of Cora Phillips and Myles Clark are:

    1. Queenie Clark,25 born November 21, 1908 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;34 died July 05, 1983 in Randle, Lewis Co., WA.34 She married Thomas Allen Toy25 son of Walter Toy and Sarah Emmaline Snow. Obituary for Queenie Toy Obituary for Thomas A. Toy
    2. Violet Clark,25 born Abt. 1911; died Aft. July 20, 1961. She married Eric Swanson.25
    3. Virginia Clark,25 born Abt. 1913; died Aft. July 20, 1961. She married Jess Brown.25
    4. Veldonna Clark, born Abt. 1915; died Bet. July 20, 1961 - February 21, 1982. She married L. Gorley.
    5. Vernon F. Clark, born Abt. 1917; died Aft. February 24, 1982.

Generation No. 4

  1. Mary Elizabeth Somerville, born October 15, 1889 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA; died November 19, 193736 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA. 36 She married (1) Clarence V. Helmick, son of J. W. Helmick.41 She married (2) Price A. Barber 42 Obituary for Mayme Barber Obituary for Clarence V. Helmick Obituary for Price A. Barber

    Child of Mary Somerville and Clarence Helmick is:

    1. Howard L. Helmick,42 born August 23, 1910 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA; died May 16, 1975 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA. He married Edna ? Abt. 1930 in Lewis or Pierce.

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