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Descendants of Richard Hawkins

Generation No. 1
  1. Richard Hawkins1 was born 1813 in Louisa Co., VA.1 He married Elizabeth A. Black2 April 30, 1844 in Lynchburg, VA.2 He was a State Agent in Augusta Co., VA in 1860.3

    Children of Richard Hawkins and Elizabeth Black are:

    1. James A. Hawkins, born 1845 in Albemarle Co., Virginia or Ohio; died Aft. 1892.
    2. Mary E. Hawkins, born 1852 in Augusta, VA.1
    3. Kate M. Hawkins, born 1856 in Augusta, VA.1

Generation No. 2
  1. James A. Hawkins1 was born 1845 in Virginia,1 and died Bet. 1892-1900.4 He married Amanda E. Wymore5 Abt. 1867, daughter of William Wymore. The family moved to Washington in 1881.6

    Obituary for Mrs. Amanda Hawkins

    Children of James Hawkins and Amanda Wymore are:

    1. Nellie A. Hawkins, born 1867;7 died bet. 1916-1941.
    2. William Garrett Hawkins, born April 12, 1868 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska, IA; died February 8, 1944 in Lewis Co., WA.
    3. Harry Alexander Hawkins, born July 29, 1870 in Iowa; died April 21, 1914 in Lewis Co., WA.
    4. Sarah Ann Hawkins, born March 3, 1873; died December 4, 1944 in Retsil, Kitsap, WA.
    5. Margaret Ellen Hawkins, born 1874 in Iowa; died November 11, 1941 in Toledo, Lewis Co., WA.
    6. Samuel Lewis Hawkins, born July 1881 in Kansas; died July 20, 1946 in Skagit Co., WA.
    7. Jennie Elizabeth Hawkins, born February 29, 1884 in Washington; died July 2, 1974 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA.
    8. George W. Hawkins,4 born 1887 in Washington;4 died August 10, 1899 in Cowlitz Co., WA.10

Generation No. 3
  1. Nellia A. Hawkins was born April 1866 in Iowa, and died Bet. 1916 - 1941. She married James P. Boone October 01, 1885 in Lewis Co., WA, son of William Boone and Sarah Vanler.

    Children of James P. Boone and Nellia A. Hawkins are:

    1. Mattie P. Boone, b. April 1887, Washington.
    2. William J. Boone, b. October 1889, Washington.
    3. Elizabeth J. Boone, b. July 1892, Washington.
  1. William Garrett Hawkins4 was born April 12, 1868 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska, IA,11 and died February 8, 1944 in Lewis Co., WA.11 He married Lucinda Melvina Phillips12 March 5, 1893 in Lewis Co., WA,12 daughter of Isaiah Phillips12 and Sarah Mcgill.12 Obituary for William G. Hawkins, Obituary for Mrs. William G. Hawkins

    50th Wedding Anniversary announcement

    Children of William Hawkins and Lucinda Phillips are:

    1. Mary Katherine Hawkins,13 born November 30, 1893 in Washington;13 died July 21, 1974 in Contra Costa Co., CA.17 She married Randall Raymond Nail45 June 19, 1910 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,45 son of James A. Nail45 and Rachael Westover45. Obituary for Katherine M. Nail Obituary for Rene R. Nail
    2. Laura Ellen Hawkins,13 born March 19, 1895 in Washington;13 died February 27, 1988 in Santa Ana, CA.17 She married James Hill16 Bet. 1916 - 1936.
    3. James William Hawkins,13 born October 24, 1896, in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;19 died December 13, 1955, in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA.20 He married (1) Helen H. ?21 February 8, 1921.21 He married (2) Floy Opal Phelps22 August 2, 1935 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA, daughter of Lewis Clark Phelps23 and Jennie Ruth.23 Obituary for James William Hawkins Obituary for Floy Opal Phelps Woolhouse
    4. Jesse Isaiah Hawkins,13 born January 19, 1899 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA;13 died April 28, 1980 in Chehalis, Lewis co., WA.24 He married Edith M. Pannell25 September 30, 1922 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,25,46 daughter of William Robert Pannell46 and Julia Bell Joyce.46 Obituary for Jessie I. Hawkins
    5. George Franklin Hawkins,14 born December 13, 190117 in Washington; died August 6, 1966 in Galveston, Galveston Co., Texas.17
    6. Charles N. Hawkins,14 born January 7, 1903 in Washington;16 died October 27, 1972 in Chehalis, Lewis co., WA.16 He married Carol Eddy25 January 7, 1928 in Lewis Co., WA,25 daughter of H. B. Eddy48 and Essy Green.48 Obituary for Charles N. Hawkins
    7. Cecil L. Hawkins,14 born December 7, 1904 in Washington;17 died January 15, 1999 in Winnemucca, Humboldt Co., NV.17 He married Lillian Cochran25 October 1, 1926 in Lewis Co., WA.25
    8. Clara V. Hawkins,14 born January 13, 1907 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;18 died June 11, 1978 in Snohomish Co., WA.26 She married ? Doyle11 Bet. 1916 - 1936. Obituary for Clara V. Doyle
    9. Mabelle A. Hawkins,14 born November 6, 1909 in Washington;14 died Aft. April 28, 1980. She married (1) ? Nelson27 Abt. 1929. She married (2) Frank W. Kaeser16 1943. Obituary for Frank W. Kaeser
    10. Ruth E. Hawkins,15 born May 5, 1912 in Washington;15 died July 26, 1970 in Seattle, King Co., WA.26 She married ? Rungren11 Abt. 1930.
  1. Harry Alexander Hawkins4 was born July 29, 1870 in Iowa,28 and died April 21, 1914 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA.29 He married Eliza Joannah Phillips30 December 24, 1891 in Home of I. Phillips, Ethel, Lewis Co., WA,30 daughter of Isaiah Phillips30 and Sarah Mcgill.30 They were living with James and Amanda Hawkins in 1892.4 Obituary for Harry A. Hawkins Obituary for Josie E. Hawkins

    Children of Harry Hawkins and Eliza Phillips are:

    1. Lena Hawkins, born February 17, 1892 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA; died Bet. December 17, 1966 - June 17, 1978. She married Lawrence Wise31 Abt. 1910.
    2. Nellie Angeline Hawkins,14 born November 11, 1893 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA;44 died December 28, 1911 in Napavine, Lewis, WA. She married Harry Fleming44 November 1, 1911 in Lewis Co., WA,44 son of Samuel Fleming44 and Susan Springsteen.44 Obituary for Nellie Angeline Fleming
    3. Bessie A. Hawkins,14 born October 30, 1894 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA; died December 13, 1966 in Long Beach, CA.31 She married Lester Brown.31 Obituary for Mrs. Lester (Bessie) Brown
    4. James Archie Hawkins,14 born March 19, 1896 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA; died Bef. December 17, 1966. He married Ivy Clark Abt. 1916.
    5. Margaret E. Hawkins,14 born March 15, 1898 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA;17 died April 1976 in Chehalis, Lewis co., WA.17 She married Leland Davidson31 Abt. 1916.
    6. Robert Alexander Hawkins,14 born February 23, 1900 in Ethel, Lewis Co., WA;19 died June 15, 1978 in Winlock, Lewis Co., WA.32 He married Belle Fannie Watson. Obituary for Robert Alexander Hawkins Obituary for Belle C. Hawkins
    7. Harry Edgar Hawkins,14 born July 31, 1902 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;28 died June 24, 1979 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA.28 He married Muriel Liters33 Abt. 1922. Obituary for Harry Edgar Hawkins
    8. Herman Frank Hawkins,14 born 1903 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA; died Bef. December 1966. He married Rose Bailey Abt. 1923.
    9. Bertha C. Hawkins, born August 10, 1905 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;47 died Aft. May 19, 1992 in Washington. She married Paul Olson47 July 3, 1923 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,47 son of John Olson47 and Hanna Carlson.47
    10. Louis Garrett Hawkins,14 born October 16, 1907 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;34 died March 13, 1987 in Auburn, WA.34 He married Mildred E. Viles. 35 Obituary for Louie G. Hawkins Obituary for Mildred E. Hawkins
    11. Austin Keldy Hawkins,36 born May 3, 1910 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA; died Aft. May 19, 1992.36
    12. Walter Garrett Hawkins,36 born July 18, 1912 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;36 died May 19, 1992 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA.36 He married Nerna L. Ritter37 May 12, 1937 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA,52 daughter of Lester Ritter52 and Lenora Davis.52 Obituary for Walter L. Hawkins Obituary for Nerna L. Hawkins
    13. Dorothy A. Hawkins,34 born August 15, 1913 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;49 died Aft. May 19, 1992. She married Clarence Brado49 June 25, 1932 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA,49 son of Henry Brado49 and Rose Ghrke49.
  1. Sarah Ann Hawkins38 was born March 3, 1873 in Beatrice, NE,39 and died December 4, 1944 in Retsil, Kitsap Co., WA. She married (1) Samuel Spencer Somerville39 March 3, 1892 in Hopewell, Lewis, WA,39 son of John Somerville39 and Mary O'Hare.39 She married (2) Leonard A. Richardson Aft. January 1920.

    Children of Sarah Hawkins and Samuel Somerville are:

    1. Elmer John Somerville,13 born January 20, 1893 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;13 died April 7, 1954 in Seattle, King Co., WA.17 He married Bertha O. Smith, September 26, 1917; m. (2) Alpha Irene Floberg October 24, 1922 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA. Obituary for Elmer John Somerville
    2. Charles Samuel Somerville,13 born April 13, 1896 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;13 died May 13, 1954 in Seattle, King Co., WA. He married (1) Kathleen ?, Bef. 1920, in Boston, MA; m. (2) Agusta Belle Winston, Abt. 1920.
    3. Harry Onward Somerville, 13 born April 27, 190017 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;13 died February 06, 196854 in Puyallup, Pierce Co., WA.17 Obituary for Harry Onward Somerville
  1. Margaret Ellen Hawkins4 born 1874 in Iowa.4 She married Martine Jacob Boone9 September 18, 18929 in home of James A. Hawkins, Napavine, Lewis Co., WA,9 son of William K. Boone and Sarah Jane Vanler. Obituary for Margaret Boone

    Children of Martine Jacob Boone and Margaret Ellen Hawkins are:

    1. Augustus D. Boone, b. February 1894, Washington; d. Aft. November 12, 1941.
    2. Daniel M. Boone, b. March 1896, Washington; d. Aft. 1941.
    3. Harry M. Boone, born March 03, 1898; died September 1965, California.
    4. Ruth E. Boone, b. April 1900, Washington; d. Aft. November 12, 1941; m. ? SPANGLER.
    5. Jennie A. Boone, b. 1902, Washington; d. Bef. November 11, 1941.
    6. James J. Boone, b. 1905, Washington; d. Aft. November 12, 1941.
    7. Anna M. Boone, b. 1908, Washington; d. Aft. November 12, 1941; m. ? OLSON.
    8. Lucille Boone, b. Abt. 1910, Washington; d. Aft. November 12, 1941. She married ? Brewer.
  1. Samuel Lewis Hawkins40 was born July 1881 in Kansas,13 and died July 20, 1946 in Skagit Co., WA.26 He married Hattie Jane Inman25 daughter of William E. Inman and Ella ? January 26, 1909 in Lewis Co., WA.25

    Children of Samuel Hawkins and Hattie Jane Inman are:

    1. Stanley Lewis Hawkins,41 born March 20, 1910 in Washington.41 and died March 12, 1985 in Port Angeles, Clallam, WA.50 He married Helen Hill50 November 02, 1933 in Port Angeles, Clallam Co., WA.50 Obituary for Stanley Lewis Hawkins
    2. Ruby Alice Hawkins,41 born June 29, 1914 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA,41 and died April 1, 1982 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA. She married (1) Edward Austin Provo; m. (2) Joe B. Finn.
  1. Jennie Elizabeth Hawkins4 was born February 29, 1884 in Washington,42 and died July 2, 1974 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA.4 She married Herman A. Steinhoff43 February 17, 1904 in Lewis Co., WA,43 son of Theodore Steinhoff43 and Catherine Werland.43 Obituary for Jennie Elizabeth Steinhoff

    Child of Jennie Hawkins and Herman Steinhoff is:

    1. Casper Leroy Steinhoff, born January 08, 1906 in Napavine, Lewis Co., WA;51 died November 30, 1962 in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA.51 He married Miriam Howie ?.51 Obituary for Casper LeRoy Steinhoff

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