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     We are Paul and Kathy, as you might see from some of our pictures we live in a pleasant part of the world, on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales,  in Australia.  Bullies have been a big part of our lives since the 1970's, when as teenagers we bought our first Bully bitch "Meatball",  a daughter of Ch. Abraxas Acrisius (Imp. UK).   Our second Bully "Rissole",  followed soon afterwards, a daughter of               Hollyfir Devils Advocate (Imp. UK) a Maestro son.


      Bullies are contagious, a few years later we rescued an older dog  "Thor " from the pound"   Obviously he had a coloured background as he had many scars but we couldn't leave him there with skin stretched tight over his bones.  He soon  regained full health and quickly became adjusted to our family life.  Thor, Meatball and Rissole soon became "the three Musketeers" .  Where there was one there was three, and as they were constant companions to our children, we realized the importance of keeping the typical Bull Terrier  nature.  A wonderful trustworthy family companion, reliable and friendly with people.  They  make you laugh with their clownish antics, and though they can be stubborn and at times mischievous,  there is not another breed quite like them.


Miniatures became part of  the family in the 1980's.  Being much smaller our children found them easier to handle at the show



Scott with his mini "Chip"                        Angie and rescued dog "Thor"                    Terry  and "Piggy" 

                                                                                                                                            2 tired souls on the way home from the beach


                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Over the years we have made friends from all over the world, having made trips to some of the major shows in Europe, Crufts and the Trophy Shows.


     In 2000 Paul obtained his championship show status to judge group 2 (Terriers) of which of course bullies are favourites.  To date Paul has judged many specialty shows and Terrier groups in Australia and overseas.


    Over the years we have gained a great respect for the breed and as well as being great companions our bullies and minis have been and are successful in the show ring .  Some of our dogs are on the following pages for you to view.



             Now the kids are all grown up,......... the Bullies are still very much part of their lives.



























































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