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I have the plans for my current gun listed below, and I have posted the design for the newer model. Click the picture for test results. I have just finished porting the barrel. It helps vent some of the mist that is left behind after a shot. The mist shooting out the porting looks really cool, too. It makes the gun louder. The blueprint does the gun no justice. It really looks cool, but I am too lazy to get the pics developed, so you'll have to wait.

In a moment of interest, my friends and I scraped together $16, went down to the lumberyard, and bought the parts for a combustion gun. The gun is now fully operational, with a fireplace starter for the ignition. Check out the "Red Menace" at Spudlab

I finished the massive P4 Pnuematic super-gun. Check it out at Spudlab. This thing is really cool. I wanted to use the new valve I designed for it, but I didn't have the time to put it together (not to mention the parts I'd need to buy...), so I had to settle for a 2" ball valve. Of course, I customized it so it would open super fast, and have a larger flow space, but still.

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