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Impressed? So was I. Go see that and more at Ed Goldmann's Spud Gun Technology Center. I'm speechless... !

Spudmans Games a good site with downloads and spudgun inormation.

Spudlab Spudlab is a page set up my me (Zachary Garm)to promote spudding in north eastern PA. The area is sadly lacking, and so Spudlab was designed to give information to and occasionally sell any of my inovations to people from the region. (note: any commercial parts of this site pertain only to the above region, and are not for national use.)

Check out Zeb Deming's site. Has pictures and a movie of his huge cannon. Very cool.

Hey, check this out. It's the Community Bank and Trust webpage, designed by me. Cool, huh. Anyway, I just thought I'd show off my work. Good bank, too if you live in the area!

Upset because your page isn't listed, well, send me a message me and I will put it up ASAP.