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Winburne's Personnel

The personnel of the Winburne Volunteer Fire Company Number 1 are led into action by fire chief, Bobby Dunlap, who has served the fire company for 8 years. Our company has over 40 volunteers, who risk their lives everyday to help the surrounding communities, in the case of any emergency. These members are listed below, in order, from Chiefs, Regular, Junior, Probationary, Social, and Life Members who have 20+ years of service in the fire company. The fire company would like to thank the members for their time.

Bob Dunlap Chief / Jr. Advisor      Dan Gummo - Deputy Chief / President

James Chelton Captain / Vice President      Matthew Rudella - Lieutenant

Kelly Chelton Secretary / Safety Officer      Linda Teats - Financial Secretary

Nancy Morlock Regular Member   John Kristofits Regular Member

Bill Houser Regular Member   Michael Eminhizer Regular Member

Tony Bass Regular Member    Chris Beatty Regular Member

Cheri Bishop Regular Member    Cliff Dunlap Regular Member

Terri Dunlap Regular Member   Rachel Eminhizer - Regular Member

Paul Fenush Regular Member    Francis Fuller Regular Member

Jim Hummel Regular Member   John Lansberry Regular Member

Don Lucas Regular Member    Herman Lucas Jr. Regular Member

Jerry Maines Regular Member    Mike Mayrenski Regular Member

Brian Micheals Regular Member   Denny Modzel Regular Member 

Kathy Wagner Regular Member   Steven Perschka - Jr. Firefighter

Mark Rudella - Jr. Firefighter    Steve Smolko - Jr. Firefighter

William C. Teats - Trustee    Brian Gilles - Probationary Member

Will Selfridge - Probationary Member

William Selfridge - Probationary Member

Denver Kephart - Social Member    Gary Lauder - Social Member

Dan McGee - Social Member    Maylon Sones - Social Member

Jess Benton - Life Member    Gordon Diviney - Life Member

Bob Diviney - Life Member    Bill Morlock Sr. - Life Member

Phyllis Rowels - Life Member    Michael Rudella - Life Member