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In Memory of Dale Earnhardt.
Dale Earnhardt

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Going Platinum

Going Platinum is a FREE online community/ISP. Every member will earn money by doing the things that they normally do on the Internet. Whether you use the search engine, check sports scores, look up a recipe or check out tonight's TV listings, you will be paid because you own it!

You not only earn income from the revenue generated from your Internet activity, but from the activity of your friends, your friends' friends, your friends' friends' friends and your friends' friends' friends' friends as well. All you and everyone else we've just mentioned have to do is use the Internet the way you use it now. It's really that simple!

It's Free to Join, so don't be left out of this amazing opportunity! Click the link below.

Click Here for More Info.

*If you are using AOL or CompuServe, you will not be able to access this page. Please minimize your AOL/Compuserve browser and use Internet Explorer or NetScape Browser.

We are upgrading our service for our imminent launch, if you cannot access the page, please bookmark it and try again later.*

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