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Personnel Page

Line Officers
Rank Name E-Mail
Chief James Staufenberg N/A
Deputy Chief George Myers N/A
Battalion Chief Dave Ellick, Jr. E-Mail
Battalion Chief Kevin McDevitt E-Mail
Captain Ben Marquez E-Mail
Captain-2 Bill Hagner N/A
Lieutenant Jeff Ellick E-Mail
Lieutenant-2 Ted Fonash N/A
Chief Engineer Bob Stephens E-Mail
Asst. Chief Engineer John Monastero N/A
Engineer Dave Ellick, Sr. E-Mail
Engineer Dave Jenkins E-Mail
Engineer Terry Campbell N/A
Engineer Robert Hagel N/A

Administrative Officers
Position Name E-Mail
President Ralph Russo E-Mail
1st. Vice Pres. Robert Hagel N/A
2nd. Vice Pres. Ralph Nealman N/A
Financial Sec. Joe Rothwein E-Mail
Record Sec. Cheryl Salter E-Mail
Membership Sec. Marilyn Damiani E-Mail

Board of Trustees
Position Name E-Mail
Chairman George Myers N/A
Vice Chairman Doug Linberg E-Mail
Secratary Ted Fonash E-Mail
Member DAve Ellick Sr. E-Mail
Member Thomas Brodoski N/A
Member Jeff Ellick N/A
Member Derek Thomas E-Mail
Member Bill Hagner N/A
Member Ralph Russo E-Mail

Rank Name E-Mail
FireFighter Al Beermen E-Mail
FireFighter Jeff Detwiler E-Mail
FireFighter David Freas E-Mail
FireFighter Jeff Freas E-Mail
FireFighter Drew Gilliano N/A
FireFighter John Hoffman E-Mail
FireFighter Tim Ingram E-Mail
FireFighter Dave Jenkins E-Mail
FireFighter Joe Lesinski E-Mail
FireFighter Doug Linberg E-Mail
FireFighter Christine Litewka N/A
FireFighter Barbara Longacre E-Mail
FireFighter Harold Longacre Jr. E-Mail
FireFighter Mike Matusheski E-Mail
FireFighter Nick McGuigan E-Mail
FireFighter Robert Myers E-Mail
FireFighter Beth Nagle E-Mail
FireFighter Scott Nealman E-Mail
FireFighter Joe Oechsle E-Mail
FireFighter Joe Pfizenmayer E-Mail
FireFighter Abby Slakoff E-Mail
FireFighter Jeff Smith E-Mail
FireFighter Phil Smith E-Mail
FireFighter Kevin Sugalski E-Mail

Fire Policemen
Rank Name E-Mail
Fire Police Captain 61-91 Willy Boyd N/A

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Last Updated on 06/27/2001