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Norriton Fire Engine Co.
Thermal Imaging Camera

Provided by Fire Chief Jim Staufengberg

Dear East Norriton Resident / Business:					February 7, 2001

	The Norriton Fire Engine Company has begun a fund-raising effort to purchase a thermal 
imaging camera (TIC).  A thermal imaging camera is a device designed to assist firefighters to 
see in low visibility conditions of smoke and darkness.  Some of the features and benefits of 
this technology are:

·	Search and rescue missions, inside or outside.  The ability to see through the darkness 
        to locate your family, friends, employees and customers.
·	Initial size up.  Improve our scene assessment capability.
·	Locating the seat of the fire.  Decreases the time we are searching enabling faster 
        knock down of the fire thus reducing property damage.
·	Determining entry and ventilation points.  
·	Hazardous materials incidents.  Determine which containers are leaking or reacting.
·	Preplanning.
·	Overhaul.  Currently we have to remove portions of the building involved in a fire until
        we see “clean wood”.  This technology allows us to “see through” the wall and 
        determine potential hot spots.
·	Light Ballast’s.  Reduce the time we require the facility to be evacuated while 
        searching for offending unit.
·	Vehicle fires.
·	Assistance for law enforcement.

This technology has been available for several years.   We have been unable to purchase this 
technology due to budget constraints.  Historically donations to our fire department from both 
businesses and homeowners have been low.  We need to raise $18,000 to purchase this technology.
We need your help!

We are asking everyone in the community, property owners, business owners, and residents to due 
what they can.  By making a tax-deductible donation to our fund raising effort you can be 
assured you are providing us a tool to provide life saving technology 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.

Donations (checks) can be made to:

“Norriton Fire Engine Company, TIC Fund”
Attn: Joe Rothwein
2830 Swede Road
East Norriton, PA 19401

Questions or concerns can be directed to Norriton Fire Engine Company, 
Fire Chief Jim Staufenberg at 610-279-3456 Option #2.

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