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Domestic Violence Memorial

Rachel Susan Miller
Beloved Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend
May 27, 1970- April 26, 2000
Stalked and Battered by her first husband. She was called home to God 13 days after the brutal assault. Bruce Daniels changed his plea to guilty to charges of murder before trial was to begin and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Complete transcript of Bruce Daniels Interview with the police is linked below, as is the transcript of his hearing where he changed his plea to guilty. Rachel leaves behind a daughter, two sisters, three brothers and countless friends who miss her very much.

Christopher Nicolas Miller, Unborn Child
Rachel Miller was pregnant with Baby Christopher when Rachel was murdered. Bruce Daniels received no punishment for killing Christopher because of a technicality.

Tyler Edmond Daniels Miller
May 17, 1989- June 11, 2001
Beloved Son, Brother, Nephew, Cousin, Friend
Killed himself because he could not bear the pain of his mother's murder from Domestic Violence by his biological father, Bruce Daniels. Tyler was 12 years old.

Nichole Francine Garrett
Beloved Daughter, Mother, Friend
February 12, 1969- November 7, 1999
Former battered wife, now deceased.

Brian William Craig
February 1, 1966 - July 3, 1989

Heather Lynne Williamson
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Friend
May 21, 1976- April 19, 1999
Stalked, Beaten, and Stabbed to death by an ex- boyfriend 9 months after ending their relationship.

Matthew James Williamson
Beloved Son
January 20, 1977- January 20, 1977
Stillborn child, died as a result of a hard blow to his pregnant mother's stomach by his father.

Cynthia Rena Williamson
Beloved Daughter
December 23, 1978- December 23, 1978
6 1/2 month old fetus, died as a result of her pregnant mother being kicked in the stomach with steel tipped workboots by her estranged father.

Melissa Faye Lonon
Beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend
May 20, 1981- November 5, 1999
Kidnapped and shot to death by her estranged boyfriend and father of their children, when she tried to end their relationship.

Wendy Ann Croote
February 28, 1966- June 24, 1990
Abused Wife and Mother of a young son, pregnant with another son. Shot to death by her husband.
"She was loved and will always be missed. She will remain Forever Young. Love, Mom and Dad".

Baby David Croote
June 24, 1990- June 24, 1990
"Our little darling, we never got to hold you or kiss you. In your Mama's arms forever. Love, Grandma and Grandpa".

Wylea Estee' Smith
Beloved Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, "Lil Girl", Friend
March 31, 1966- August 19, 1994
Stalked and Murdered by an ex- boyfriend.

Desiree'Ann Morgan
Beloved Daughter and Friend, Aspiring model
July 14, 1981- January 4, 1999
Abducted and shot January 3, 1999. She died the next day at age 17.

Rosmari Elaine Celeste Pleasure
September 12, 1963-March 2, 1998
Gunned down by a male acquaintance in the driveway of her Memphis home.
A More Excellent Way, Inc. (AWay) was born in response to this tragedy and is committed to bringing an end to these violent acts that plague our community.

James "Jamie" William McCombs, Jr.
Beloved Son, Father and Friend
February 12, 1973- May 12, 1998
Shot twice with a .22 rifle and tortured by Anthony Allen Myers. Myers, along with his wife, Rebecca Lynn Myers, who is Jamie's ex- girlfriend and mother of his daughter Ashley Marie (deceased November 22, 1997 under suspicious circumstances), confessed and pleaded guilty to Jamie's murder in a hearing on October 27, 2000. Anthony Myers was sentenced to life without parole for first degree murder, 30 years for armed robbery, and 5 years for use of a firearm during a violent crime; Rebecca Lynn Myers was sentenced to life without parole for aiding and abetting murder and first degree burglary after the fact.

Lauren Elizabeth Hafford
Beloved Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, and Friend
February 17, 1977 - April 13, 1999
Physically and emotionally abused by the man she loved, her husband. She left him, because he did not follow through on promises to get the counseling he needed. She was at work, talking to her sister on the phone, when he shot her in the back of the head at point-blank range.

Gina Marie Lupson-Holden-Young
Beloved Daughter, Mother, Sister, Friend
June 1, 1967- June 9, 1993

Shaun Edward Lupson-Holden
Beloved Son, Grandson, Brother, Nephew, Friend
December 1, 1989- June 9, 1993

Joshua Lee Lupson-Holden
Beloved Son, Grandson, Brother, Nephew
November 10, 1992- June 9, 1993
*All three, Mother and two young sons, perished in an arson- related fire in their home, started by Gina's husband when he doused the home with gasoline, lit a match and walked away unscathed. He was sentenced on October 10, 1995 to three consecutive life sentences.*

Tammy Gail Hanna Morris
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend...."Our Angel In Heaven"
March 13, 1959-June 21, 1981
Stalked and shot to death by the husband she was divorcing. His statement at the time of his arrest: "If I can't have her, no one is going to."

Janne L. Walters
August 3, 1957- September 13, 1998
Beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother and Best Friend
Janne's neck was broken when she told her abusive boyfriend to move out. Dearly loved and always missed.

Richard G. "Rick" Whitcomb, Jr.
May 10, 1972- January 19, 1996
"Rick was murdered by his abusive ex-girlfriend, Vickie L. Frost, 5 days after he ended their relationship. She stabbed him once in the chest, severing his left ventricle. He was pronounced dead less than an hour later. She was sentenced to only 7 - 25 years for taking his precious life. Rick is "Home Free" in heaven and we look forward to the day when we will see his smiling face once again."

Anna Mae Cox
Mother, Mema, Daughter, Sister and Believer
July 12, 1935- December 1, 1975
"Beaten to death by the hands of her husband in the presence of 5 of her children. Her seven children were left motherless - Johnny, Debbie, Mary, Rhonda, Randy, Ronnie and Ruthi. Mom came to love her grandson, Billy, who would be the only grandchild of many that she would ever know. She was also survived by her mother, a sister and three brothers. Marty Williams, her killer, was arrested for 2nd degree murder, plea bargained down, and served 1 year in prison for her murder. Within a year of his release from prison, he was seen driving his car into a neighborhood canal, after an argument with a lady friend, resulting in his death."

Terry Alan Beier
Murdered by his wife.

Kim Reilmann
February 28, 1964- April 25, 1999
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Niece
"Attacked and beaten in the head with a hammer; several of the 5 blows penetrated her brain. Her husband broke into her home only four days after being released from jail for breaking an order of protection against him. She lived on life support for three days before she died. All her family's love and prayers could not bring our dear Kim back. During her attack her step father went to check on her and he also was beaten with the same hammer by Kim's husband. He has permanent brain injuries to this day. In many cases there is physical violence from the beginning. In our situation, he was never physically abusive to her, not until he realized she wanted a life without him. He is awaiting trial for Kim's murder and the state is seeking the death penalty. Kim is forever missed by her family and her many friends. Her daycare babies will always remember Kim even though they were so young when this happened. Kim is forever loved and sadly missed by her four children, her mother and Aunt Toni."

Sharon Kaye Flick
Beloved Mother
Murdered by her husband December 27, 1988. She was stabbed 40+ times with an ice pick after enduring beatings all day.

Judy Beth (Jones) Coulson
Beloved Sister and Aunt
Murdered by her ex- husband. She was shot twice in the back with a shotgun and died trying to reach the phone for help.

Denise Robin Edwards
Murdered by her boyfriend.

Vincent Sardi
January 16, 1971- February 14, 2001
Beloved Son, Brother, Father, Nephew
Stabbed by his wife while he was driving. He died three days after his attack. His wife is charged with murder in the first degree.

Andrew "Andyroo" Burk
June 12, 1999- May 7, 2000
Beloved Son of Staci Burk
Andrew became an angel May 7, 2000 at 11 months of age. His mother was in the process of leaving Andrew's father due to domestic violence against her, when this suspicous death occurred. His death was ruled undetermined, however the circumstances are supicious of his father. However the case will remain open.

Janice Marie Jones
March 5, 1952- April 8, 1985
Beloved Mother
Stalked, raped, and murdered by an ex-boyfriend. The murder took place in front of her two children, ages 11 and 13 at the time. Although the autopsy and death certificate states the cause of death as homicide, her killer was charged with Involuntary Manslaughter Without Malice. He served 18 months and is now free because he murdered her with his fist and not a "weapon" and thus why it was considered "without malice".

Stacy Williams
Shot by her husband, a Memphis, Tennessee firefighter, before he set their house on fire.

Deborah Speraccio
Beaten to death by her husband, Joseph Speraccio.

Meghan Bingham
Shot to death, along with her boyfriend, Jesse Woodward, by the estranged father of Meghan's daughter.

Martha Ellen Shallenbarger
Age 44
Loving sister, daughter, friend to many.
Beaten at the hands of her live-in boyfriend and then was drowned.

Patricia Mary (McCulloch) Straiton
June 15, 1953- August 13, 1997
Beloved mother of 5 children, 3 grandchildren.
"Murdered by James Straiton, her then husband of two years; he brutally attacked her whilst she was sleeping then strangled her. He then sent her young son upstairs to speak to her knowing she was dead and on the bedroom floor. James Straiton served four years in prison after plea bargaining. He killed her because she treatened to divorce him after years of humiliation and beatings".

Cynthia Cruz
January 13, 1969- November 3, 2001
Beloved mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, friend.
"After escaping her abuser twice and having a reprieve of only one month of hospitalization, Cindy was convinced by her abuser that he was in therapy, and he was so sorry, and that the violence he had committed against her was now at an end. Three days after returning to him, she was murdered. He stabbed her 21 times. Jason Michael Hernandez is awaiting trial at this time."

Karen Joy
Beaten to death by her boyfriend with a marble rolling pin. She leaves behind three young children and is sadly missed.

Chantel Elicia Maragno
Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Friend
Beloved Mother to Breaunna, Dylan, Devyn
July 31, 1975 - June 7, 2001
"Victim of a murder - suicide. Her estranged boyfriend, the father of her 3 children committed this cowardly act in front of her 3 yr. old daughter just 6 short weeks after ending their relationship."

Kim Krebs
Beloved Mother and Cousin
May 11, 1977- November 11, 1999
"Her boyfriend, and the father of her 2 children, stabbed her 21 times and left her to bleed to death the day she told him she wanted to end the relationship. Her boyfriend did this horible act in front of his 6 year old daughter and their 2 year old. He was sentenced to life in prison and he hung himself after just 3 months in the state penitentiary. As of now, his mother has custody of Kayla."

Tammy Lea Pugh-Schaefer-Jones-Bryant
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister
March 3, 1966- February 7, 1996
Victim of a murder - suicide.
She was shot while she slept by her husband Vince. Her children were upstairs at the time. Her 9 year old daughter found them and carried her younger sister to a neighbors to get help. "There is not a day that goes by that we do not think of her. Tammy is forever loved and sadly missed by her children, her mother, her sister, and brothers."

Sheila Abbey
Beloved Mother
June 15, 1948- December 31, 1995
Beaten to death by her second husband. Her killer pleaded guilty to second degree murder and received 20 years in prison. He will serve 100% of the time and will not receive parole at any time.

Cassandra "Cassie" Renee Parker
Beloved Daughter and Friend
May 16, 1985- March 25, 1998
13 years old when she was shot.

Antonio Robles
Beloved Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend
February 1979- March 1992
"His sister was in a bad relationship with a man who refused to let her break up with him. He stalked the house where Antonio, his mom, and his cousins were. He busted in the front door looking for his estranged girlfriend and when he couldn't find her, he shot Antonio (13), his mother Elva (43) and two cousins who were visiting, Naomi (10) and Jose (the only survivor, age 6). Antonio was pronounced dead the next morning. His killer is now spending three life sentences in prison".

Elicia Bolivar
Beloved Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, Friend
February 8, 1993- June 21, 2003
Elicia was 10 when she was shot by her father when he was trying to kill Elicia's mother. The bullet hit Elicia instead. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Sandra Lea McCain
Beloved Daughter
Murdered when she was two years, and twenty- five days old. She was beaten to death by her stepfather.

Mary Gail Maggard Eversole
Beloved Sister
November 27, 1948- September 18, 2000
Shot one time in the back of the head with a 9mm, by her husband. He also killed two others, before he took his own life. "Not a day goes by that we don't speak of her. She was such a kind and loving person. She is greatly missed and loved by her family and friends. Forever in our hearts."

Kathleen Peterson
Beloved Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend
February 21, 1953- December 9, 2001
Beaten to death by her husband, author Michael Peterson. Peterson was convicted and sentenced to life in prison on October 10, 2003 for her murder.

Kathleen Schurer Wood
Beloved Mother
Died September 25, 1993
Stabbed to death by estranged husband. She leaves behind 2 small children.

Diane Lemire
Beloved Daughter and Sister
July 14, 1960- March 15, 1983
Stabbed to death by her brother in law while he was looking for her sister. He received 23 years to Life and is scheduled to be released in 2006.

Mary Rae Pieti Guerin
Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Friend.
July 25, 1953 - January 1, 2002
"Once you're in my heart, always and forever you will be..."
Brutally tortured and beaten to death by the man she was married to.

Shirley Ann Pavlovski

Kimberly S. Dantzer
Beloved Mother, Friend
December 29, 1971 May 17, 2002
Shot to death by her soon to be ex husband, as was her daughter Janna. He then killed himself.

Janna M. Dantzer
Beloved Daughter
May 23,1994- May 17,2002
Shot to death by her father after he got her mother Kim. He then killed himself.

William Corey Dave
Beloved son, uncle, and cousin
July 9, 1969 - October 20, 1996
Corey's family and friends will forever remember his group hugs, his wonderful laugh and pleasant disposition. He proudly served his country in the U. S. Navy. Corey was stabbed by his girlfriend and bled to death.

Nancy Parrilla-Cirilo
Beloved, friend and sister
January 27, 1971 - September 26, 2003
Stabbed to death by her husband, who moments later kills himself. She leaves behind 2 loving children. Her radiant smile will never be forgotten.

Samantha Michelle Washington
Beloved Daughter and Sister
March 3, 1988- March 4, 1988
Born at 26 weeks as a result of domestic violence due to a vicious assault on her mother by her military father. "I never got the chance to hold you or tell you how much I love you and how sorry I am for not fighting hard enough to protect you. You've been gone 16 years and it doesn't get any easier. Me, your sisters Yvonne and Veronica, and your brother Daniel miss you very much. Love Mom."

Angela Marie Coppersmith
Beloved Mother and Daughter
Beaten and strangled to death on January 25, 2004 by her husband, Charles Ryan Coppersmith, who then killed himself.

Baby Coppersmith
Beloved Son of Angela Marie Coppersmith. Angela was pregnant at the time of her death.

Sandra Oshunkentan
Beloved Friend
Stabbed to death by her boyfriend on July 24, 2004. Trial is to begin in May 2005.

Patricia Sue Dean (Patty)
Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Friend
August 6, 1959 - October 30, 2002
"Murdered by her estranged husband at her part time job. He came to her place of work and shot her once in the chest and shot two other people and killed the one and then came back to her and shot her again in the back and then he went home and after calling her son and bragging to him of what he just did he then killed himself. She lived through 27 years of abuse from this man and when she finally got the chance to leave he killed her a year later."

Reyzjohn William Allen Rominoff
"Stillborn son of Alisha Allen Rominoff July 24, 1994 delivered at 8 1/2 months after Alisha was thrown down a flight of stairs and then left to suffer for 2 days while her husband, a police officer, refused to get help for her or the baby. Alisha has been missing since 1997. Alisha's husband has said she left of her own free will, however Alisha's friends and family suspect foul play."

Anne Morgan
February 28, 1958- January 1, 1995
"Murdered by her husband Brian at their home in Berkshire in 1995. He repeatedly hit her over the head with a hammer. She left 2 children behind, Dawn and Carla, and a beloved family who miss her so much."

Anya Michelle Braxley
May 29, 1980 - May 14, 2002
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Neice, Friend
Shot by her ex-boyfriend (her daughter's father) three months after leaving him, who then shot himself. She leaves behind a gorgeous little girl who I'm raising now. She looks just like her beautiful mom. Michelle is loved and missed by everyone who knew her. Our free-spirited beautiful butterfly.

Sandra Kay Pearson
August 3 1956-October 8 2004
Stabbed 3 times in the back by her estranged husband.
"I love and miss you Sandy. You are forever in our hearts. Love always your sisters Kathy,Windy,Lori Mama and Grandma Doris Pearson Brothers Danny and Jerry".

Emerson Ray Batchelor Jr
December 9 1976-October 8 2004
Stabbed 11 times by his step father.
"I love and miss you Ray. You are forever in our hearts. Love always your aunts Kathy,Windy,Lori Mama and Grandma Doris Pearson uncles Danny and Jerry".

Debra R. Taylor
Febuary 5, 1961-May 16, 2004
Killed by her husband of 5 years Daniel H. Taylor. She was beaten by him almost all that day. he hit her with a bed post he broke off their bed and she was unconsious he then dragged her in the bed and choked her to death.

Robin D. Shaffer
Died June 15, 2005
Shot in the neck by her estranged husband who later killed himself.

Cindy L. Hicks
Died February 6, 2006
Shot by her estranged husband with a 12 gauge shotgun. She was on the phone with police to report a violation of the protection order. Her killer shot himself to death a week later.

Brenda Cooper

Berna Samara Judge Ellington
Died May 17, 2006
Beaten to death by her husband Clayton Ellington in Lithonia Ga, with a hammer.

Cameron Noah and Christian Caleb Ellington
Died May 17, 2006
2 yr old twin sons of Berna Ellington also beaten to death with a hammer by their father Clayton Ellington.

Pamela Stafford
Died November of 2002
Shot to death.

Maria Theresa Rentsch
September 20, 1965-May 15, 2004
"Brutally murdered by convicted killer Israel Nunez in Rochester, NY. Over a course of hours, Maria suffered terrible beatings, some in the presence of her 6 year old son. Maria was brought home after being beaten in her car, with her son in the back seat watching. After arriving home, she was dragged through her bedroom window and beaten again. After being left in her bed all night, her killer called 911 because she was unresponsive. The cause of death was massive head trauma. Israel Nunez received 25 years for the murder".

Shirley M. (Souza) Reine
August 8, 1953 - May 9, 2005
Shot in head and chest over greed

Ashley Ann Lynn
September 21, 1987 - July 26, 2006
Murdered by her ex boyfriend. She had ended the relationship because she found out he was getting into drugs. He shot her twice with 2 diffrent guns and then set her on fire, and burning her house down.

Donna Denise Shatley Winters
November 26, 1962 - November 12, 2003
A beloved daughter, sister and friend.
"Donna was shot once in the side and then twice in the head as she walked to her car after work by her estranged husband Billy. She left behind a 10 year old son named Devan, and two older children that she had lovingly raised for twelve years who were the biological children of her estranged husband. Billy took his own life after killing Donna. She will be forever missed and never forgotten. She is safe at HOME with her Heavenly Father and we will join her one day".

Michelle Marie Warren
November 24,1966 - October 9, 1990
Lured to the home her and her ex-boyfriend once shared to pick up some of her belongings. She was shot and killed before he killed himself.

Beth Ramirez
March 30, 1965- September 16, 2006
"Murdered by her boyfriend of 2 years.Stabbed 6 times. She leaves behind a devastated twin sister that will never be the same. 12 brothers, 4 sisters, nieces and nephews. Countless of friends."

Cathy Gail Carnes Brown
July 15, 1963- December 22, 1997
"My mom was murdered by her soon to be ex husband, just 3 days before Christmas. She suffered many years of abuse during their 19 year marriage and had decided to leave him finally. He followed her home and shot her through the window in the back of the head while she sat on the couch, in front of our Christmas tree. He took a plea bargin and only recieved 20 years. He is eligible for parole this December 2007."

Jan Duffy
May 1, 1964 - July 12, 1989
"Stalked, beaten, and dragged to an empty house, held at gun point by her ex husband for 22 hours and later he turned the gun on Jan shot her in the chest then turned the gun to his own head."

Sally Jessop
Beloved Mother
June 4,1957 - December 31,2005
"Strangled by her estranged partner, Peter George Hutchings, with a scarf after luring her to the house on the premise of paying her some rent. He was sentenced to life in prison."

Stacey Jane Plummer
Age 43
"Murdered by her husband Dermott Reid who then killed himself. She had served him with divorce papers two weeks prior. He shot her Sept. 24, 2006 at their home and then killed himself. She had three children, Jake (6), Jane (9), Julia (12). And left her mother, father, sister, brother, neices and nephews and countless friends. We miss you Stacey."

Violet Ruedas
Beloved daughter
Stillborn 12/17/04
Deeply missed by her mother, brother & extended family.
Mother believes Violet's father contributed to her demise. Cause of death was not able to be proved beyond doubt.

Rene' Nicole Zarnick-Eury
July 28,1969-April 9,2006
Murdered by her ex-husband who then killed himself..leaving behind their son Zane(16).

Michael Jeffers, age 16
Madison Moshiri, age 4
"Shot in the head and killed by their step-father/father Shahin Moshiri on 12/3/07 in a murder/suicide in their home in Jackson, MO. Also shot in the head were their mother Katherine Moshiri and sister Meghan Moshiri (2) who both survived. They are dearly loved and missed".

Katie Nicole Key
Beloved daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, neice, granddaughter, and friend
March 21, 1989 - January 16, 2007
Katie tried to end her relationship with her boyfriend, he waited on her to come home after work, broke into the house and held her hostage for 4 hours. At 2:00 a.m. he shot her to death and then took his own life.

Betty Cooper Leday
"Murdered by her estranged husband around 1978. He shot her with his handgun until the bullets were gone and then pistol whipped her with it. He did about 15 years".

Fists of Affection
Written By Danielle McCain
Dedicated to Rachel and all of those affected by Domestic Violence

Fists of affection punching holes through my heart
Ripping at my soul and tearing it apart
Fists of affection that bruise me inside and out
Taking away my trust for you and turning it into doubt
Fists of affection stealing away my self pride
Leaving in return the emotional scars I hide
Fists of affection keeping me captive to fear
Leaving me imprisoned in every single tear
These fists of affection are what took my love from you
They are to blame for us being through
Fists of affection I will never forget
They're etched into my memory
Like every single hit
Now when you sit and wonder why I no longer care
Look at your hands, the answer is there.

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