Mello Smello packs

This is the first and oldest style of Mello Smello Originals pack,
which had "InterNatural Designs Inc." as the maker.
Below are the two styles of the 1980s Originals packs.
The first style contained 4 stickers and said "InterNatural Designs Inc." on the back.
The second style contained 8 stickers and called themselves "Mello Smello Factory."
This is a pack of Smell & Spells,
which says "Mello Smello Factory" as the maker.
This is a pack of vintage
Metallic Scratch & Smells:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
from 1990:
This is a new (year-2000) pack,
which says "Mello Smello, a division of
the Miner Group Intl." and
is chocolate-scented:

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