This is my collection of my own hand-drawn pixel dolls.
PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING! NOTHING is adoptable. This is my personal gallery, in order from NEWEST AT TOP to oldest at bottom, in each section.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL body bases used on this page are by DHF.

The Lord of the Rings


"Rose" dress
this was a tough one getting the fabric texture right. I may redo this one.
cranberry gown
my best Arwen so far. The details turned out very accurately.
Rivendell "farewell" gown.

"requiem" dress
my favorite Arwen so far. this one is SO pretty!
"hope" dress
I love the boots!!
riding suit/chase suit, holding Hadafang

"blood-red/dying" gown
I've done 4 major edits of this doll to get the sleeves right. I really love this dress of Arwen's.
Coronation gown, with Elven banner

I really like how this turned out. It's very 3-dimensional and realistic
brown fur-edged traveling coat

shieldmaiden with camp skirt.

white gown

yellow/gold Coronation gown

green velvet gown

shieldmaiden outfit

I LOVE how she turned out. Especially the glow on the left side, just like the pic.
farewell gown & cloak
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