amylynnegraphics' Doll Site Rules

* These dolls are created by me, drawn by my own hand. These dolls take many hours of inspiration, creativity, and hard work to complete. So please read and understand and respect these rules. Where I have used other artists' BASES, (where noted), please follow the links to read, understand, and respect their own rules and hard work.

* You may NOT take, copy, trace over, or edit my dolls in any way!!! Editing refers to recolouring, resizing, doodling on, etc.

* You may NOT take my dolls or claim them as your own creations.

*My dolls are ONLY adoptable by specific request, from either my sister sites, or from another pixel-doll artist who has a doll website with an adoptions page. There is just too much abuse and theft of pixel dolls out there, and I strongly feel there should be complete respect for people's artwork because that's what pixel-dolls are=artwork. They should never ever be displayed somewhere without proper credit, or abused in any other way. DO NOT try to adopt my dolls without contacting me. Thank you for understanding.

*DO NOT use any of my dolls in ANY graphics, avatars, nametags, animations, etc. etc.

*Do NOT steal, copy, or use any of my website graphics either.

* I WILL make a Wall of Shame for anyone who shows disrespect for these rules.

If you have any comments or questions, please email me! I'd love to hear from you.

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