This is my collection of my own hand-drawn pixel dolls.
PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING! NOTHING is adoptable. This is my personal gallery, in order from NEWEST AT TOP to oldest at bottom, in each section.

Kate Winslet Characters

**PLEASE NOTE: ALL the body-bases used on this page are by Starlet (facial editing by me).

I worked on my Titanic/Rose project for over a year. I made notes and saved pics on all her costumes, and have now completed all my dolls of them (except the nightgown). I plan to do a few other characters eventually.

(Rose Dewitt Bukater)

gold & cream deck dress

purple/blue dress & shawl
(a diff. version I submitted to a contest)

kimono (and the Heart of the Ocean)

purple/blue "flying" dress

purple/blue "flying" dress & shawl

red & black beaded "jump" dress

red & black beaded "jump" dress

black & white "elevator" day dress

pastel "swim/sink" dress with pink wool coat

pastel "swim/sink" dress

breakfast gown

"Heaven" gown
The skirt on this was a HUGE challenge, and the outfit in general was too--the movie scene is SO short and you never see a full complete shot of the dress
lacy tea gown

dinner gown
I really adore my Kate dolls. This was my 1st Rose doll and I love it
striped boarding dress


Kate Winslet
at the 1998 Oscars

Kate Winslet
at the 2002 Oscars

Marianne Dashwood
from Sense and Sensibility ™
I had to do this outfit--the movie scene is hilarious! it was hard to do though
Clementine Kruczynski
in her retro dream dress
from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ™
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