This is my collection of my own hand-drawn pixel dolls.
PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING! NOTHING is adoptable. This is my personal gallery.

These dolls are shown in order from NEWEST AT TOP to oldest at bottom, in each section.

PLEASE NOTE: all body bases used on this page (except for those noted otherwise) are by DHF.

I've been working on my Emma Woodhouse project for a long time now. I have notes on all her costumes and one day maybe, I'll have them all dolled. :) I've done similar things with the P&P movie, but have not yet made nearly as many dolls.

Sense and Sensibility ™:

Marianne Dashwood

Emma Woodhouse from Emma (1996)™:

in her plaid dress with ruffled trim
and red shawl.

in her plaid dress with ruffled trim,
when she visits the sick family with Harriet.

in her dark teal dress,
when she hears of Mr. Elton's marriage.

in her yellow striped dress,
when she meets Frank Churchill
while driving a carriage.

in her mint stripe dress,
when she's meeting Mrs. Elton
for the first time.

in her autumn dress,
when she's decorating the church
with Mr. Elton for fall.

dusty-white with lavender toile dress,
when she's plucking daisies in the garden.

at the summer's-eve party.

in her blue striped dress.
I totally love this one!
at the Picnic in Box Hill.

at archery with Mr. Knightley.
I love the hood, but the lower edge of the cloak needs help. It was not visible in the movie scene.
at the Christmas Eve party.
I'm pleased with this result compared to the movie.
at the Coles' party.
one of the movie's prettiest costumes. So delicate.
taking a carriage-ride with Harriet.
my 1st Emma doll; I like her bonnet & shawl.
walking to town with Harriet.

A&E's Pride and Prejudice (1995):

Elizabeth Bennet
in an ivory-patterned dress with lace shawl.

Caroline Bingley
in her green velvet & striped dress,
when the Bennets call at Netherfield.

Caroline Bingley
in her orange satiny gown

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

Elizabeth Bennet
in her "Turkey-red" gown.
this turned out exactly like the picture.
Elizabeth Bennet
in her brown Spencer, bonnet, and white-striped dress.
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