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TROOPER (Bloodhound)

ABOUT THE DOG: Trooper is a purebred Bloodhound owned and worked by Walt Sikorski. Trooper has been on many searches, one of his more interesting ones that was successful, came from Trooper having been scented on a rock where the victim had been sitting. Trooper also assisted the Phila. Police Department with a case involving the homicide of a Phila. Police Officer. All of S.D.U.'s operational trailing detection. dogs have completed extensive training in various environments. Most of the dogs have successfully completed trails 30 hours old over a variety of terrain.

AWARDS: " In the Senate, July 9, 2002 Whereas, K-9 Trooper, a member of the Specialty Dog Unit of Southeastern, Pennsylvania, is being recognized for the heroic services he has preformed for numerous public safety agencies; and Whereas, A bloodhound, Trooper is handled by Walter Sikorski, the Founder and Director of the SDU. On January 30, 2000, he was called by the City of Philadelphia to help solve the case of the murder of a Philadelphia police officer. As a result of the work done by Mr. Sikorski and Trooper, an arrest was made and the suspect confessed to the murder and related offenses. Trooper is also inlisted to find missing persons and lost children. One such incident involved a case in New Hanover in which an elderly male with a medical condition had wandered into a heavily wooded area. Trooper found him, and Mr. Sikorski carried the man out of the woods so he could receive medical treatment. Now therefore, the Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania proudly recognizes K-9 Trooper, a partner in the Specialty Dog Unit of Southeastern, Pennsylvania, for his brave and heroic actions which have led to the conclusion of numerous cases for different public safety agencies; And directs that a copy of this document, sponsored by Senator Jim Gerlach and Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf, be transmitted to K-9 Trooper, Specialty Dog Unit of Southeastern, Pennsylvania."

ABOUT THE HANDLER: Walt, is the Founder and Director of the (S.D.U.) Specialty Dog Unit. Walt, is currently a deputy sheriff and a member of the Emergency Dog Alert Response System in Montgomery Co. PA. Walt's law enforcement career started in Connecticut in 1979. Walt is a graduate of the Connecticut State Police Academy and completed the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Education and Training at Penn State Justice and Safety Institute in October of 2000. Walt served as a law enforcement officer in the State of Connecticut before moving to Colorado. While serving in law enforcement in Colorado, Walt worked extensively with Bill Butler from the International Mantrailing Bloodhound Network. Walt is a member of the International Mantrailing Bloodhound Network, Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime DAD/DAC , North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) , International Police Association and the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR). Throughout Walt's career he has received numerous awards and a congressional citation. Walt enjoys doing demonstrations and educating the public about the special abilities of our four footed friends. Walt has been involved in Search and Rescue since 1984.

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