The Sandburg Zone

Welcome, friends of "The Sentinel", and thanks for taking a brief detour into the Sandburg Zone. This page was created to house my TS fiction, and hopefully some other fun stuff on down the line. It's a bit on the weenie side now, but check back again, for I hope to be adding more stories periodically.

This page is dedicated with my sincere thanks and deepest curses to my dear friend, Arianna, who dragged me kicking and screaming into the city of Cascade, where I immediately fell in love with Blair, Jim and the rest of the gang.

And the obligatory crap: I stake no legal claims on characters and images owned by Pet Fly/Paramount. No copyright infringements intended, just borrowing the guys for a little non-profit fun, and I'll return them after I batter them around a bit.

And now on to the stories! Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking, and comments are always welcome!

Golden Slumbers
March 2003 - "Blind Man's Bluff" Missing Scene
Blair and Jim deal with the aftermath of what happened in the garage(12K)

Forsaken Child
September 2003
*2007 Light My Fire Award Nominee*
Ellison and Sandburg try to protect a young murder witness before she becomes the killer's next victim (140K)

The Long Way Back to You
November 2003
*2007 Light My Fire Award Nominee*
The Sentinel comes to realize just what his guide means to him after Blair is gravely injured (242K)

January 2004
Jim comes to Blair's rescue, but can the Sentinel save his guide from himself? (151K)

June 2004
*2007 Light My Fire Award Nominee*
A very short epilogue to "Crossroads" (7K)

You Came Back
November 2004
Five years after TSbyBS

Time to Move On
July 2005
How Blair's "one week" at the loft became permanent (30K)

The Good's Gone
November 2005
Blair's grief over a friend's death is compounded by feelings of guilt (42K)

Bridges Under The Water
Decemeber 2005
Scroogey Jim gets the Dickens treatment on Christmas Eve (32K)

Peace At Last
May 2006
The sentinel has his work cut out for him taking care of his ailing guide, until he discovers the secret behind Blair's restlessness (59K)

One More Day
June 2006
Post TSbyBS: Faced with his guide's mortality, the sentinel struggles with his conflicting emotions (64K)

June 2006
Everyone needs a little nurturing sometimes (11K)

Us Again
July 2006
Sentinel, Too, part 2 epilogue
A friendship in distress but not in doubt (40K)

July 2006
*2006 Light My Fire Award Nominee*
Post TSbyBS
It's gotta hurt before it can heal (422K)

You Stand By Me
January 2007
Post TSbyBS
Jim and Blair have a few things to work out, but their bottom line is never in question (67K)

Conviction of the Heart
March 2007
Blair witnesses a murder but has difficulty convincing his sentinel that the crime actually took place (115K)

Feel the Quiet River Rage
April 2007
A missing scene to the episode "Sweet Science" (19K)

A Matter of Trust
May 2007
An investigation uncovers an unexpected victim, one that has a profound effect on Ellison (23K)

Everything's All Right
July 2007
A "Cypher" Missing Scene (20K)

Whenever I Call You 'Friend'
July 2007
The beginning of a beautiful friendship (21K)

Crashing Into Forgiveness
September 2008
Post Sen Too: The path to forgiveness is not easily trod (45K)

Back to How It Used to Be
September 2008
Epilogue to Crashing Into Forgiveness and set after TSbyBS
Can Jim and Blair get things back to how they used to be? (16K)

Comfort in the Aftermath
September 2008
PWP? Jim comforts Blair after a traumatic ordeal (19K)

The Rise and Fall of the Phoenix
April 2009
Post TSbyBS: Blair starts to have doubts that he and Jim have any sort of future together (95K)

Golden Memories
July 2009
Blair recalls an incident from his childhood (46K)

Still Falls the Rain
October 2009
The rainy season descends upon Cascade and finds Jim and Blair on the trail of a killer (156K)

Christmas Eve
December 2009
A brief snapshot of Jim's Christmas Eve

Pox Makes Strange Bedfellows
September 2010
Sick Blair finds himself with a surprising caretaker (41K)

One Day at a Time
January 2011
A series of missing scenes for "The Sentinel" (360K)

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