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{Updated Oct. 04,2001}

The purpose of a webring is to increase traffic for those involved, and to create a kinship of sorts. If you have a christian, family oriented site, please fell free to join! Your web site will also be included in this search engine.

Disclaimer; Although all sites listed here have met the requirements of The Living Faith Web Ring, it does not necessarily mean that Within The Ark Ministries agrees with all views and opinion.


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Some of the sites listed below have been transfered from the original Friend's Links Page which now no longer exists. The sites that have been added to the new webring are obvious.


Would you like to
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family centered,
not cultish, and does not use
our Saviour's name
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If your links
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Who can join?
Webmasters who glorify
God in their
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And, Believe
the following;
There is One God
The Trinity,
Salvation comes through
and nothing we might do.
All of mankind
is unworthy
of Heaven, but will
go there as a result
of God's grace alone.
The Virgin Birth,
Baptism is not to
ensure our salvation,
but is an
act of obedience.
If you agree,

Contact the
if you have
any questions
or problems.    

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Dianne's Home Page My site is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have many elements on my site to encourage my sisters and brothers in the Lord; as well as to reach out to the unsaved.

  Within The Ark Ministries, the creator of The Living Faith Webring. Come surf awhile. We have bible studies, chats, kid's pages, home schooling information, stories, graphics, card shop, and much more.

The Adams Family~ Pastors' wives meet another pastors' wife and be encouraged. You will find a lot more and many resources. Come meet this dear friend!
Note; Donna has been rearranging and making changes, so be sure to check it out!

POWER PRAISE Bible studies, message boards, prayer chain, chat, card shop and graphics!

April's Home Page Lots of educational information for Christian and homeschool families.

Penny's Place, little about me and a lot about my Lord.

Debby's Digest Inspirational site contains poetry, devotions, reflections, musical, prayer, health topics and holiday pages. Also includes the "Amazing Cloud Picture."

  These are awesome site from the original friends page.Don't miss them!
Saved By Grace

Joanne's Prayer Closest
Come on in to JoAnne's Prayer Closest. She also has a great home school page with lots of resources.

The Christian Encourager. You must meet this lady.This is a brand new site,and you won't regret visiting. Here you'll find many resources to help you in daily living.


It is our desire to offer pages that glorify God in all things. This is a God and family oriented site. Links listed here have been reviewed and to the best of our ability, screened. If at any time you visit any of these sites, and see something offensive, please contact Within The Ark Ministries and we will look in to it, and possibly remove the site from the webring. BUT, it is not likely you will find anything offensive with these web sites.Most of these sites have been created by dear friends in the Lord, and we have great confidence in them.. Others have been sites that we have visited, or we have been asked by the site creators, to add their link to our page.Enjoy!

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