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No matter how PAN has affected your life you can still do something powerful and positive. Below is a list of actions you can do now to help increase awareness of PAN/vasculitis in world of researchers, lawmakers, other vasculitis organizations, and the PRSN itself.

1. The VCRC Needs You!
You Need the VCRC!

Participate in the 5504: Longitudinal Protocol for Polyarteritis Nodosa Study

The Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium (VCRC) is conducting a clinical study on PAN. Patients are needed to participate in this study which will ultimately provide researchers with valuable information that could lead to better diagnostic methods and treatment for
PAN patients.

Download this PDF brochure explaining everything you need to know about the PAN Study and how you can get involved.

What is the 5504: Longitudinal Protocol for Polyarteritis Nodosa Study

Registering informs researchers that PAN patients are interested and supportive of research. This may help spur new research into the disease. Registering for the Patient Registry simply allows the VCRC to contact patients about clinical trials.

More things you can do today


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