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Cards by Ginnger

I've made some changes lately - you'll now find my pages linked here are at Topcities. My pages at Topcities are all finished, I will not delete these pages yet (they will not be updated), but please change your bookmarks to the new URL.

The changeover has already taken place.

So many Web TV users are looking for 1-Fold cards & they can be difficult to find. I decided to build this site using cards I had made for my own use. I have added more of them over time & hope to add more in the future. All card faces (the front of the card) are made using only half a page, so the image will be upside down - this also saves on file space. It also allows for better alignment of the image with little or no need for trimming.

I have resized many of my cards for computer users. They are now all at Topcities.

Click here for printing instructions. Printing instructions are for HP & Canon printers. Please print out the instructions for future reference.

Here is a great site to do your envelopes to go with the cards! Envelope Express

I would like to thank the following people for their help, support, & encouragement. Some sent images, proof read my card text, offered their help, & encouraged me while I was building this site.
Thanks to Holly, Sherry, Linn, Tweety & Eric.   A special thank you goes to Robert M. Reiter & Marty for offering advice & testing my site & providing the instructions for Canon printers. Thanks also to Cindy; & Patsy North [for her contribution of her verses for an Apology Card & "To My Sister"]! Another important Thank You goes to my friend Marge, who encouraged me to resize some cards & put them out there for computer users! Thanks also to Jan for her help with finding images for my cards & recommending a great ng & Jill from that same ng who gave me permission to use her Sympathy Card on my site. A very special thank you goes to my husband John who always says "you can't cook on it!"

I would also like to list some of the places I have gotten my graphics to make my cards with. I used gifs & jpgs from the following sites (plus others some people have sent to me):
Draac's Free Gifs
NaNa Mar's
Anne's Place
Lady Oh's
Patrick's Free Graphics 4 Webbers
Humor World
Cyberkittin's Gifs

My Mother wrote a poem & entered it in a contest. She won & it was published! Please click here to read it.

Please click on the beautiful gif below to vote for my site!

*Important* Printing Instructions - Please Read!
These instructions are for the Hewlett Packard printer. The Canon models print differently only slightly.

  • Be sure to uncheck print background, date & url
  • Print out the face of the card you want. Let it dry well so it doesn't smear.
  • Put the paper back in the printer feed tray with the image you just printed face up & toward the back half of the printer (blank half, toward you).
  • Pick the inside text you want & print - the image will be on the card face with the text inside on the bottom half of the card. Let it dry, then fold.
  • Envelopes can be purchased at any large office supply store.
  • *Printing Instructions for Canon Printers*
  • Follow the above steps with the exception that your image is face down as opposed to face up with the HP Printer.
  • For the inside text that is on the top of the page on some of my newer cards - put the printed card face back in the feed tray with the image face up & facing the front of the printer - image toward you & the blank half away from you.


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