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Of course, we here at The Potato God Worship Center realize that we cannot cram every possible online resource for the worship of Our Starch Based Savior into this one little Angelfire account, especially since our graphics take up such monstrous ammounts of memory. So we have created this page to link other sites relevant to The One Tuber, or just sites operated by our friends. We have the password to the account, so we can do this.
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The Potato Association of America Lots of nice pictures of potatoes.
The Bonsai Potato We think the term "Bonsai Potato" is pretty self-explanatory.
The Sacristy of the Potato This site dedicated to The Potato God actually predates The Potato God Worship Center! Sadly, it appears to no longer exist.
Mr. Potato Head is God Close, but no cigar. Not that anybody should want a cigar.
The Spud Server The world's first potato-powered server. One day perhaps Angelfire will see the light of The Potato and utilize this technology, too.
Eemeet Meeker's School of Paving Eemeet Meeker's School of Paving: Founded on the principles of Potatodom for education in municipal infrastructure mainatainenece.
Lore 2000 Vote for Lore Fitzgerald Sjöberg. Everybody's favorite Shuttlecock ran for the highest office in the land, with The Potato's blessing.
My Apology Get up close and personal with the Pope as he battles cliches like "up close and personal."
The World Rock-Paper-Scissors League Look, and laugh, but don't try to join, as the league has been defunct since May '99.
Radiskull and Devil Doll The inspiration for the Potato Flash Movie. Don't worry, they'll be back to kick it later.
Mr. Teapot ...it's Sputnik time! Just keep hitting "reload."
Red Raider Pep Band Our earliest converts. They dedicated a field show song (Jungle Boogie)to The One Tuber!
Uses For Potatoes As rated by the Brunching Shuttlecocks.
The Holy Turtle's Internet Cathedral The blasphemous religion Dave practiced before finding The Potato.
Allperu.com, where you can find some information about ancient Peru from secular sources.
This technically has nothing to do with The Potato God, but the Poorly-Drawn Lamp Page amused us greatly.

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