Send fabulous Purim ecards to anyone! Whether it's to a family member or family pet, sending Purim e-cards is a great way to let them know you're thinking about them on this festive occasion. Whether it's an acquaintance or friend, an ex-acquaintance or ex-friend - provided you want to get back together again - sending Purim greeting cards online will give them a big surprise. Whether it's to a co-worker, boss, personal advisor or helper (read therapist), your lawyer, accountant, or doctor, sending Purim egreetings is a nice gesture that lets them know they're not just a commodity to be used at a cost; they're human beings with feelings like the rest of us. Finally, another idea is that you can send Purim e-greetings to your local politician. I'll guess that will floor them and you'll probably be remembered for any future inquiries you might make to them.

So here goes, have fun spreading the joy and messages of Purim by sending fabulous Purim ecards now!

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